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2023-06 - Total Phase Newsletter


Issue 4

Volume 23

In This Issue


New Case Study: Advanced Cable Tester v2 - USBFireWire

Sponsorship:​ Carthage College + Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyzer

Featured Blog/Video: Programming I2C/SPI Flash Memory using Promira Serial Platform and Flash Center Software

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New Case Study: Advanced Cable Tester v2 - USBFireWire

USBFireWire.com is a design and build manufacturer of computer cables and custom cable assemblies that include USB, FireWire, Ethernet, HDMI, and waterproof power cables and connectors.

USBFireWire works alongside engineers and creative product developers within various industries to help design and build made-to-fit cables that address their clients’ cable requirements, including the length, angle, and connector type for specific applications.

To ensure the cables designed and manufactured by USBFireWire meet the company’s top-tier quality standards as well as address their clients’ needs, their team required a tool to allow them to easily perform quality control testing during the development and manufacturing processes.

Learn how USBFireWire leverages the Advanced Cable Tester v2 to address their project requirements.

Read the full case study here:

Case Study - Advanced Cable Tester v2 - USBFireWire

Sponsorship: Carthage College + Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyzer

Total Phase has had the pleasure of sponsoring the ​Space Sciences program at Carthage College.

As the lead institution for the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium, this program works on a number of cutting-edge projects ranging from Modal Propellent Gauging experiments to their Canopy Near-IR Observing Project CubeSat. These projects are all run and developed by a team of undergraduate students from a diverse set of fields and backgrounds.

Their team will utilize the Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyzer to assist with several projects that use USB sensors and other equipment.

Their CubeSat's payload is a USB camera used for Earth imaging, and another project plans to use USB fiber optic sensors as part of their propellent gauging experiments. Both of these are High-speed USB devices that are being developed using custom software, therefore being able to accurately monitor bus communications will be helpful for their development.

Learn more about the organization Total Phase sponsors here.



Featured Blog/Video: Programming I2C/SPI Memory using Promira Serial Platform and Flash Center Software

The Promira Serial Platform is our most advanced serial device available for test, emulation, and memory programming needs. It provides a unique feature set including:

  • Support for ​higher clock speeds (up to 3.4 MHz as an I2C master and slave, and up to 80 MHz as an SPI master and 20 MHz as an SPI slave)
  • Integrated level-shifting for high-performance/low-power applications 
  • High-speed USB and Ethernet connectivity to the host system for enhanced performance


One common application of the Promira Serial Platform includes programming I2C/SPI Flash and EEPROM devices.


Watch our video, Programming SPI Flash Memory With the Promira Serial Platform, to see how the Promira Serial Platform can be used with the Flash Center Software to quickly and easily program an SPI serial Flash device.


For an in-depth look into the Flash Center Software and its features for performing various programming operations, take a look at the following article:


Flash Center Software Series: Operations to Erase, Program, and Verify Memory Devices

Additionally, learn more about which memory devices are natively supported in Flash Center Software as well as how to easily add your own device in a few simple steps:


Flash Center Software Series: Supported Memory Devices + Adding a New Device

Product Spotlight: Promira Serial Platform


We purchased the Promira Serial Platform to program Flash chips in Quad mode for R&D. The unit is extremely versatile and well priced. The software is simple and convenient but very effective.




- Jesus O.

Learn more about the Promira Serial Platform

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