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2018-07 - Total Phase


Issue 5

Volume 18

In This Issue

Flash Center Software v1.45

USB Power Delivery Analyzer
Supports USB 3.2

Engineering Scholarship Opportunity

Featured Video

USB Power Delivery Analyzer Intro

Learn how the
USB Power Delivery Analyzer connects in-line between two Type-C products, and passively captures all communication between them, on both the CC1 and CC2 signals.

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Aug 13-17, 2018

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Aug 20-25, 2018

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Software Update: Flash Center Software v1.45


Flash Center Software

The newest version of Flash Center Software, version 1.45, has officially been released. This new release made improvements for flash programming, particularly with the Promira Serial Platform. The update includes both Linux and Windows operating systems.
Flash Center Software offers a library of preconfigured memory chip profiles for easy programming. Multiple new memory devices were added to this update including:

  • Micron MT25QL512 64 Megabyte SPI Flash
  • Atmel AT45DB641E 8 Megabyte SPI Flash, 256 byte pages
  • Macronix MX25V1635E 2 Megabyte SPI Flash
  • Macronix MX25L512 64 Megabyte SPI Flash
  • SST SST25PF040C 512 Kilobyte SPI Flash
  • SST SST26VF016B 2 Megabyte SPI Flash
  • Winbond W25Q128FW 16 Megabyte SPI Flash
  • Winbond W25Q128JV 16 Megabyte SPI Flash (Quad)
  • Winbond W25Q256FV 32 Megabyte SPI Flash
  • GigaDevice SPI Flash: GD25Q, GD25VE, GD25LD, GD25WD
This release also updated the maximum bitrate for the following devices in the parts library:
  • Spansion S25FL032P 4 Megabyte SPI Flash, 64 KB sectors (Quad)
  • Spansion S25FL064P 8 Megabyte SPI Flash, 64 KB sectors (Quad)
To get the most updated version of the Flash Center Software, visit the product page here.

USB Power Delivery Analyzer Supports USB 3.2

USB 3.2 is the latest release in USB specifications. It offers the highest data transfer rates yet, going up to speeds of 20 Gbps. Total Phase’s USB Power Delivery Analyzer supports a wide range of specifications including USB 2.0, USB 3.1 Gen 1 and Gen 2, and even USB 3.2. Those that are adopting this newer USB 3.2 spec can take advantage of our USB Power Delivery Analyzer to help monitor Power Delivery (PD) traffic. Read more about how the USB Power Delivery Analyzer supports USB 3.2 here.

Interested in testing your USB 3.2 products at one of the top tier testing labs internationally? Allion is the only USB-IF accredited test laboratory to provide comprehensive USB compliance testing with full-coverage for every product category, connector type, data rate, and specification–including USB-C™ and USB 3.2.

Total Phase’s USB Power Delivery Analyzer, among other tools including the Advanced Cable Tester and Beagle USB Protocol Analyzers, are now integrated in Allion’s suite of high-quality testing and development tools. For those manufacturing or selling USB 3.2 products, the USB Power Delivery Analyzer is a complete and easy-to-use tool to help gather vital, real-time data on the performance of Power Delivery traffic on your USB products.
For more information on the Allion and Total Phase partnership, read here.

Engineering Scholarship Opportunity 

Total Phase has introduced a new scholarship to support future aspiring embedded engineers. This scholarship offers enrolled students with relevant Engineering Majors the opportunity to be awarded up to $500. For complete details on how to submit an entry, please visit:
Please feel free to share this scholarship opportunity with family, friends, and interns or other students you may be currently working with. 


Spotlight: Beagle USB 480 Power Protocol Analyzer - Standard Edition

The Beagle family of USB Analyzers from Total Phase is always a success when USB product design reaches the debugging phase. The graphical user interface is always easy to follow, with the ability to dive into any detail needed. I have solved many problems in USB firmware, both my own designs as well as in library support from USB chip vendors. Indispensable! 


– Brian W.

Learn more about the Beagle USB 480 Power Protocol Analyzer - Standard Edition

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