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2023-05-24 Jessica Hopkins
In computer science, a register is an important component of digital devices that stores data and instructions for quick processing. It serves as a temporary storage area where information can be accessed and manipulated quickly in order to carry out complex tasks. Registers are the most basic type of memory in computers and they play a critical role in helping machines process data efficiently. In this blog, we’ll explore what registers are, how they work, and why they are so important for modern-day computing.
2023-05-17 Rena Ayeras
We are using the Beagle USB 5000 v2 SuperSpeed Protocol Analyzer – Ultimate Edition with the Data Center Software. Our computers have 512GB or 1TB of RAM.  We understand that the volume of saving captured data is related to RAM. Here are our questions:
2023-05-10 Jessica Hopkins
Binary and ASCII codes are two of the most commonly used coding systems in computing, yet they have some very distinct differences. Binary code is a system of binary digits (0s and 1s) that represent data or instructions in computers, while ASCII code is a set of characters represented by binary numbers, which makes it possible to transfer text-based information from one computer to another. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at binary and ASCII codes, exploring their relation, their differences, as well as providing examples of different applications.
2023-05-03 Rena Ayeras
I inherited a project that uses the Promira Serial Platform with the SPI Active Level 1 and Level 2 applications. I’m doing my best to learn this device. I could use some assistance, mostly with the GPIO pins.
2023-04-26 Rena Ayeras
I am using the Cheetah SPI Host Adapter and Control Center Serial Software for communicating with an device. I have been trying to use the Control Center Serial Software in Batch Mode to queue up SPI commands on the Cheetah adapter. I have been able to get Slave Select (SS) lines to toggle in Master Mode, but no success in Batch Mode. Are examples of using XML code in Batch Mode, or documentation available specifically for the Cheetah adapter?
2023-04-19 Briana Watson
Computers are a constant presence in our day to day lives. From the technology that was used to put the first astronauts on the moon to central processing units (CPUs) that allow us to make innovative products such as smart TVs, tablets, and ever-improving gaming consoles, computer science is an essential part of the modern world that has made a huge impact in what we are able to accomplish. At the core of computers and their ability to perform advanced calculations and process information is through the use of binary code. So, what is binary code and how does it work? In this article, we will provide insight into these questions, along with a brief history and some examples of how it is presented.
2023-04-05 Rena Ayeras
We are using the Advanced Cable Tester v2 (ACTv2) for an extensive number of tests for cables in our QA lab. It looks like API is not yet available for this product. Is there another way we can dump large test reports to a server? The data we are collecting is basic, such as test date, signal integrity, power measurements (DC resistance), and so on.
2023-03-30 Rena Ayeras
I plan to use the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter in I2C mode to communicate with a system. The Aardvark adapter will be the I2C controller. After initializing the target power and I2C pull-ups, I want to make sure that both the SCL and SDA signals go high before initiating a transaction. I need this condition to be able to detect a problem, such as a prior read that was incomplete or a failure of the target system.
2023-03-22 Kathleen Chan
After 2 years, Total Phase returned to Embedded World 2023 in Nuremberg, Germany! The show attendance has improved from the last time we had attended in 2020, and we were able to meet many existing Total Phase customers from throughout Europe. Multiple customers stopped by to say hello or to show the tool they are currently using to their colleagues.
2023-03-15 Staff Writer
Embedded systems are everywhere, from the cars we drive to the phones in our pockets. But it wasn’t always like this. It was only in the 1960s with the Apollo Guidance Computer that embedded systems first made their mark on history. Let’s take a look at how this groundbreaking technology works and what role it has played in shaping the world we live in today.
2023-03-08 Rena Ayeras
With the flexibility of the Promira Serial Platform and available software applications, you can simulate an eSPI master device when needed.
2023-03-01 Rena Ayeras
I am working with the Promira Serial Platform as an SPI master in mode 0. Should the MISO signal be sampled on the falling edge of the clock signal, or at the rising edge? Looking at the results with Control Center Serial Software, I see a mismatch between the input and output signals.
2023-02-22 Jessica Hopkins
The Komodo GUI Software is a graphical application that allows users to access active CAN functions of the Komodo CAN Duo Interface. Features of the software include Activity Board Mode to interface with the CAN/I2C Activity Board Pro, Batch Mode to create and execute batch scripts to send arbitrary CAN packets, and General CAN Mode to send and receive data on a CAN bus.
2023-02-15 Rena Ayeras
We are using the Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer and Data Center Software to decode data from the I2C EEPROM of a display monitor system that stores HDMI EDID data. We are not receiving any valid information, it is all “FF”, and errors are displayed for each captured line: MTP4, M, and P.
2023-02-08 Derek Cooper
This past week, Total Phase exhibited at DesignCon ’23 at the Santa Clara Convention Center - a premier conference for chip, board, and systems design engineers in the high speed communications and semiconductor communities. This marked our long-awaited return to this well-established conference and our first tradeshow since early 2020!
2023-02-01 Rena Ayeras
I am using the  Komodo CAN Duo Interface with a Python script that I wrote. The script is based on one of the examples provided in the Komodo Software API library. It worked very well until I increased the emission frequency of my CAN nodes.
2023-01-25 Jessica Hopkins
When building embedded systems, both embedded software and firmware are used in combination to implement code that controls the machine or device and allows it to perform its unique function.
2023-01-18 Rena Ayeras
I have a new project that includes evaluating two types of cables: USB Type-C to USB Type-C and HDMI.  Before I get started, I have a few questions about the Advanced Cable Tester v2 (ACT v2):
2023-01-11 Rena Ayeras
To flash I2C EEPROMs, I plan to use the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter. The EEPROMs will be programmed byte by byte. Eventually, this will be an automated process. There seem to be many software tools that could be applied – which do you recommend for my application?
2022-12-21 Jessica Hopkins
USB and Ethernet are both connectivity technologies that are heavily used in modern day computers; almost all computers include at least one of each port within its design. USB and Ethernet are physical connectors that can connect multiple computers or devices and utilize a specific protocol to govern how messages are sent and received over the network or bus.