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2018-05 - Total Phase


Issue 4

Volume 18

In This Issue

BOGO 50% Komodo CAN 

Bus Monitor

Advanced Cable Tester

Featured Video

CAN Analysis

Watch this short demonstration on how to use the
Komodo CAN Duo Interface and the Data Center Software to monitor and analyze CAN data in real time.

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Summer Savings on Komodo Interfaces

Looking to speed up your summer projects?   

Roll into Summer Savings with Buy One Get One 50% off on our Komodo CAN Interfaces!

The Komodo CAN Interface is the ideal tool for debugging and monitoring traffic on your CAN bus applications. The Komodo interface provides a flexible, high performance, and powerful solution that allows you to sniff the bus and send data, all in one box. It provides fast, interactive, real-time visibility into the protocol layer of your CAN embedded system.

Get your coupon code here.

View our Komodo CAN Duo and Komodo CAN Solo Interfaces.

Also, see how our
CAN/I2C Activity Board Pro and our Komodo GUI Software can work together with the Interfaces to help with your unique CAN projects.

Official Product Release: A2B Bus Monitor 

Total Phase has officially released the A²B Bus Monitor - Level 1 Application for the Promira Serial Platform. It is the first tool of its kind for supporting A²B technology. 

A2B Bus Monitor Application

Total Phase’s A2B Bus Monitor Application provides unprecedented access to the A2B system. It non-intrusively sniffs A2B data on the in-vehicle audio line, giving users a real-time view into A2B traffic on the bus. Additional features include:

  • Ability to decode and disassemble A2B superframes into control data and I2S/TDM audio data for easy debugging.
  • Full reporting on Interrupts and GPIO handshakes are correlated into the data capture.
  • Node Topology view allowing quick visualization of all nodes on the (A2B) bus.
  • Option to display and export all node configuration settings to validate node initialization.
  • Support for 28 simultaneous audio channels, including live audio levels and audio visualization tools.

Getting started with automotive audio bus analysis? Here is an overview about using the Total Phase A2B Bus Monitor.

View our Press Release on the A2B Monitor where Total Phase's CEO Gil Ben-Dov and Analog Devices' own Vlad Bulavsky, General Manager, Automotive Cabin Electronics Business Unit, discuss the recent release.

For those getting started with the A2B Bus Monitor, learn the quick set up for the A2B Board Enclosure

Learn more about the A2Bus monitor here.

Advanced Cable Tester Case Study

Total Phase Advanced Cable Tester Adapter Testing Overview

For years, USB Standard-A and Micro-B connectors have been the accepted connector type for USB cables, but now, there is a newly introduced cable and connector that is sure to create a major shift in the USB world – Type-C. Full adoption of this cable will take time, so Type-C legacy adapters will be commonly used with newer devices incorporating this technology. These adapters, together with the power of the Type-C cable, bring more concern for safety and performance.

Total Phase offers the Advanced Cable Tester, which allows users to test and verify the adapter’s performance without the cost or time of a custom solution. Read the case study: "Total Phase Advanced Cable Tester Adapter Testing Overview" to learn the best practices for testing the suitability and quality of these adapters.

Spotlight: Komodo CAN Duo Interface

Exactly as expected. Komodo [CAN Duo Interface] was very easy to set up and use. Mere minutes from unboxing to deployment.


– William O.

Learn more about the Komodo CAN Duo Interface

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