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Komodo CAN Duo Interface


Part Number: TP360110

Availability: In-Stock

The Komodo™ CAN Duo Interface is a powerful two-channel USB-to- CAN adapter and analyzer. The Komodo interface is an all-in-one, high-performance solution for transmitting and monitoring CAN data. It provides fast, interactive, real-time visibility into the protocol layer of your CAN embedded system.

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Key Features

Dual-channel: two independent customizable CAN channels Configurable as an active node or non-intrusive analyzer Simultaneously record all bus traffic while acting as an active node Communicate or monitor two different CAN buses with a single Komodo interface Transfer rate up to 1 Mbps Independent galvanic isolation per CAN channel 8 configurable GPIOs Fully supports Fault Tolerant (125 kbps and High Speed (1 Mbps) CAN USB 2.0 full-speed; bus-powered

Tech Specs

Target Bus Interface
  • CAN: Up to 1 Mbps
  • Compatible with ISO 1898-2:2003 (High-Speed CAN)
Target Device Port
  • 2 DB9 connectors
  • 2 block screw terminals
Analysis Port (connects to PC):
  • USB 2.0 Type-B receptacle
  • Interface is bus-powered                                                                                                 
Digital I/O Port 
  • Mini-DIN 9 connector: 4 inputs, 4 outputs, 1 ground
  • Digital inputs are rated for max 5.5V
  • Digital outputs are rated for 3.3V
Operating Temperature
  • Industrial: -40 to 85 Degrees C (-40 to 185 Degrees F)
  • Komodo CAN Duo Interface
  • 6 ft USB-A to USB-B Cable
  • 3 ft DB9 F/F Cable
  • 1.5 ft Mini-DIN 9 Digital I/O Cable
  • One Year Warranty
Minimum Hardware Requirements
  • Intel or AMD processor operating at 2 GHz or faster
  • 1 GB physical RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM (64-bit)
  • 2 GB or more available hard disk space
  • Full-speed USB port
  • VGA capable of 1024-x768 or higher screen resolution
  • Internet access is helpful
Required Software (Windows & Linux)
PC Requirements & Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows: 7, 8, 8.1, 10
  • Linux: Red Hat, SuSE, Ubuntu, Fedora
  • Mac OS X: 10.7 - 10.14
Dimensions and Weight
  • (W x D x L) 64 mm x 24mm x 102mm (2.5" x 0.94" x 4")
  • 110 g (0.24 lbs)
  • CE
  • RoHS
  • One Year Warranty
  • Manufacturing
    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 13485
    • AS9100C
    • ITAR
Monitor and Transmit CAN Traffic Using the Komodo CAN Duo Interface
The Komodo CAN Duo Interface supports active CAN data transmission and non-intrusive bus monitoring.
Case Study - Komodo CAN Duo Interface - AVADirect Custom Computers
Learn how AVADirect integrated the Komodo CAN Duo Interface into their setup to translate forklift movements and CAN data over to a PC that ran the training simulation software.
Komodo CAN Duo Interface Quick Start
Watch how to easily get started using the Komodo CAN Duo Interface for your CAN applications.

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Komodo Can Duo Interface
Great piece of test equipment for CAN development and testing. Very happy with the purchase and the customer service. Why did I buy from TotalPhase? I purchased the Beagle USB 12 Protocol Analyzer a good 7 years ago when developing a USB stack for an embedded system. It was a pleasure to use the analyzer. So when I needed a CAN protocol analyzer, I knew the Komodo from TotalPhase would satisfy my requirements.
Scott N.
Time and Money saver
We purchased the unit for development of a product. The Komodo CAN Duo quite literally paid for itself in time savings on the first day. It is now our go-to development tool for CAN development.
Avi C.
Great device.
Great device. best of its class
William O.
Exactly as expected
Komodo was very easy to set up and use. Mere minutes from unboxing to deployment.
Loss M.
Just as good in real-life as it is on a web page
I searched high and low for a CAN interface that would meet all of our needs. This is the only one I found with built-in GPIO and, more importantly, D9 headers AND terminal blocks on the same unit (if you run your CAN bus over media other than a D9-terminated cable, this will save you having to build a break-out cable). Finally, its price was also in line with other CAN interfaces that have Linux support. ADDITIONAL PROS: - Their tech support is responsive to questions - same day response so far. - The documentation is good. - The API is good. Comes with example programs, including a loop-back test that allows you to verify the device is working on your system without involving any of your own CAN-based designs. - Dropped into Linux in 20 seconds and just worked. CONS: None yet!
Axel H.
i ordernd two Komodo CAN interfaces. Additionally I got the information to pay additional to the $900 for handling and delivery $87. This information is not available on the Totakphase homepage.
Michael C.
so far so good
I think the unit is working well, and the documentation is good. I had one question that was answered quickly and was actually my fault. So far, so good...