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Data Center Software


Part Number: TP201110

The Data Center™ Software is a free bus monitoring software that captures and displays USB, USB Type-C Power Delivery, I2C, SPI, eSPI and CAN bus data through the Beagle™, USB Power Delivery, and Promira™ platform line of hardware protocol analyzers and the Komodo™ line of CAN interfaces. Data Center is the only protocol analysis software in the industry with true real time performance and cross-platform support for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Data Center Software features LiveDisplay™, LiveFilter™, and LiveSearch™ technologies that allow developers to easily see, filter, and search bus data as it is being captured in real time.

Features in Data Center Software include:

*The Beagle USB 12 Protocol Analyzer only supports USB descriptor parsing. Full class-level decoding is available with the Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyzer and the Beagle USB 5000 SuperSpeed Protocol Analyzer.

Detailed technical information about the Data Center Software be found in the User Manual.

Please click on the appropriate software version for your operating system. Login is required for software downloads. If you don't have an account, you will be prompted to create an account before your download commences.

Tech Specs

VDM Decoding
USB Power Delivery Protocol Decoding
  • View Type-C Power Delivery negotiations in real-time with the USB Power Delivery Analyzer
  • Decode PD VDMs for standard discovery sequences
  • Decode DisplayPort Type-C Alternate Mode VDMs, for visibility into Alternate Mode Adapter operation
USB Class-Level Decoding
LiveDisplay™ Technology
  • View USB, PD, I2C, SPI, eSPI and CAN traffic as it is generated on the bus in true real time
  • Shorten debugging and development time by seeing data as they happens
LiveFilter™ Tool
  • Filter for and against specific indices, errors, endpoints, device addresses, PIDs, data patterns, and more
  • Seamlessly switch between filtered and non-filtered views with a single click
LiveSearch™ Tool
  • Find text, hexadecimal, and ASCII data quickly
  • Easily locate bus events, data patterns, and more
Hierarchical View
  • Data displayed in easy-to-read tree view format
  • Enhanced readability with data intuitively grouped into expandable and collapsible transactions
Block View
  • Graphical view of a selected record
  • Integrated details and field information
Bus Pane
  • See detailed device information including addresses, configurations, endpoint descriptors, and more
  • View number of packets and bytes sent and received in real time
Info Pane
  • Instantly view important packet details including timestamp, packet duration, device address, endpoint, data, and more
  • Displays data in multiple formats including ASCII, hexadecimal, and binary
Command Line Console
  • Directly access all commands in the Data Center software
  • Logs and displays all actions performed, allowing users to quickly learn commands
Modern, Extensible architecture
  • Native 64-bit support
  • Cross-platform support for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
Easy Collaboration

Save an entire capture to disk for future analysis and share it with your colleagues. Simply download the Data Center software to view all the details of the saved data. If you are interested in only a small section of a larger capture, you can export a filtered view of the data in a number of different formats.

MDIO Support

MDIO support is no longer available as of version 3.00 of the Data Center software. Additionally, a few features from the previous version of the Data Center application will be temporarily unavailable as they are migrated to the new platform. If you require these features, please download version 2.20 of the Data Center Software.

USB 3.0 capture window with LTSSM View
USB 3.0 capture window showing LTSSM View and LTSSM Statistics from a capture of a Mass Storage class device.
USB capture window with Block View decoding
USB capture window with the Block View display.
USB capture window with Statistics
USB capture window with USB 3.0 statistics.
USB capture window
USB capture window showing the parsed device descriptor information for the device under test.
I2C capture window
I2C capture window showing a hexadecimal, ASCII, and binary view of the transaction data.
SPI, eSPI capture window
SPI, eSPI capture window showing the bit-level timing view of the captured transaction contents.

The software is officially supported on 32-bit and 64-bit distributions of Windows: 10, 11.


The software has been designed for Red Hat, Ubuntu, Fedora, and SuSE. Please be aware that there may be significant differences and idiosyncrasies in the way that different distributions of Linux operate. As such, Total Phase may not be able to support your particular distribution of Linux. Support will be offered on a case-by-case basis.

Mac OS X

The software is supported on Intel and Apple Silicon versions of macOS 11, 12, and 13.

64-bit Support

The graphical software is offered as a 32-bit or 64-bit application on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Separate 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the API libraries are provided for all platforms to allow custom applications to be built for either architecture.

Data Center Software Series: USB Class-Level Parsing
The Data Center Software parses USB data into human-readable format and categorizes by device class.
Data Center Software Series: LiveDisplay, LiveSearch, LiveFilter
The industry-leading Data Center Software offers real-time debugging capabilities for I2C, SPI, USB, and CAN data.
Data Center Software Series: Understanding the Bus Pane
The Bus Pane shows the devices that have been detected on the serial bus and provides detailed device information.

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