Getting started with automotive audio bus analysis? Here’s an overview about using the Total Phase A2B Bus Monitor.

We just created a new video  to help you understand and easily use the Automotive Audio A2BTM bus analyzer for the automotive audio bus.  Here’s an overview of what our video tutorial covers:

Automotive A2B BusPhysical Setup

The video example uses these TotalPhase components:

A2B equipment

Note how short the test cable is – that is important for signal integrity. Other cables styles are available in our store  - we suggest using a pre-assembled cable, which prevents problems that can occur from cutting and splicing cables.

Data Analysis

Here’s a diagram of the I/O signals:

Diagram of A2B IO signalsThe video provides a good overview of the A2B superframe structure:

  • The first two data slots contain captured control data
  • The remaining slots (14 slots for TDM 16, 30 slots for TDM 32) contain audio data
  • The upstream and downstream components of the superframe
  • Master and slave relationships to the data

A2B Superframe for Sampling RateHere’s an example of the data that is captured and displayed:

IO Bus data

There are features for debug and analysis, which are also demonstrated live in the video.  The features include:

  • Scrolling through live data
  • Filter data, upstream and downstream
  • Selected nodes and registers
  • View I2C commands
  • View addresses
  • Look for interrupts
  • Search for flags, such a B (broadcast) flags
  • . . . and more.

Audio Analysis

You can listen to the sounds while viewing the data. You can also view the analog attributes of the signal: amplitude or frequency.

  • Select which channel(s) to monitor
  • View data while listening:
    • amplitude or frequency
    • select how many channels to monitor

Saving data for details analysis is easy – click stop and data is saved. You can then export the data to another tool for audio analysis, such as the  Audio Precision APx525.

Want the details now? Here’s the video:

Here are resources that you may find helpful for your A2B project:

More questions? Need more details? You can also contact us and request a demo that applies to your application, ask questions about the  Promira Serial Platform and the related applications, as well as other Total Phase products.

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