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2018-04 - Total Phase


Issue 3

Volume 18

In This Issue

A²B Bus Monitor

CAN and A²B protocols

Self-Driving Cars

Featured Video

The A2B Bus Monitoris the first tool of it's kind – review the A²B protocol and see a 'live demonstration' of the bus monitor in action.

A2B Bus Monitor Intro

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Product Release: A²B Bus Monitor 

A2B Bus Monitor Application

Total Phase is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the highly anticipated A²B Bus Monitor - Level 1 Application for the Promira Serial Platform. We are now accepting pre-orders! 

The A²B Bus Monitor provides unprecedented access to the A²B system. By attaching the A²B Adapter Board in-line between nodes, the A²B monitor can non-intrusively sniff A²B data in real time. A²B superframes are decoded into I2C control data for easy debugging with Interrupts and GPIO handshakes correlated into the data capture, while an I2S/TDM audio data analysis is available in a visual and audio formats. 

Besides the traditional Bus Data view, the application also offers a Node Topology view and an Audio Channels view. The Node Topology view allows quick visualization of all nodes for validating node initialization. The Audio Channels can diagnose audio channel problems. Real-time audio levels for all upstream and downstream channels are displayed and audio for multiple upstream or downstream channels can be mixed and monitored to quickly identify I2S/TDM data slot mismatch problems. Additionally a tap for I2S/TDM is provided for interfacing with your favorite specialized audio analysis tools. 

For more information: A²B Bus Monitor.

One-Stop for Automotive Testing

Total Phase is proud to support the automotive industry. Our line of tools is continually expanding, and now, we not only offer CAN, but A²B tools as well.  

Komodo CAN Interface

Controller Area Network, or CAN, is a common protocol used in vehicles. CAN is a messaged based protocol that can prioritize messages through arbitration, and allows microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other without the need of a host PC. These devices, or nodes, can include temperature sensors, brake controllers, airbags, and power windows.

The Komodo CAN Interface has been a well-distinguished tool for testing and debugging CAN protocols. This interface provides an all-in-one tool that can non-intrusively monitor the CAN bus and also transmit CAN data.

Our Komodo CAN Interfaces along with our Komodo GUI allows users to run automated commands with batch mode, send periodic messaging, and replay CAN traffic. Using the Komodo CAN Duo Interface, users can send and receive messages on up two different networks and/or monitor the bus concurrently.  

Komodo CAN Interface

Check out our CAN tools here

A²B Bus Monitor


Automotive Audio Bus, or A²B, is becoming a widely-used protocol in the automotive industry because it offers a simpler 2-wire interface that drastically reduces complexity of audio system set-up and the overall weight of automobiles. It also has future generation capabilities that include noise cancellation and improved voice recognition. 

To support this growing technology, Total Phase developed a A²B sniffer available through our Promira Serial Platform with the A²B Bus Monitor application. This application can decode and disassemble A²B superframes into I2S/TDM audio data and I2C control data for easy debugging. It also provides multiple ways of viewing the A²B data– a Node Topology view to examine all nodes on the bus, an Audio Channel view to diagnose audio channel problems, and a data bus view to display and LiveFilter the captured data.

A2B Bus Monitor Application

Check out our A²B tools here

Test and debug automotive applications easily and efficiently with Total Phase's A²B Bus Monitor and Komodo CAN Interfaces.

Future of Transportation: Self-Driving Cars

How Self Driving Cars Work with Embedded Systems

The future of cars has been an increasingly discussed topic as many companies including Google, Volvo, Kia, BMW and General Motors are in the works to create high-tech and innovative means of transportation. In particular, self-driving and smart cars are on the forefront of technology in the automotive industry. The gadgets, voice recognition, and ability to maneuver unattended all require the work of embedded systems.

Which systems will be crucial for self-driving cars of the future? 

1. Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
2. Radar Systems
3. Forward-Looking Cameras and Other Sensors
4. Digitally Controlled, Highly Precise Braking Systems

Many of these system developments are still ongoing and require comprehensive testing to ensure compliance and safety for all passengers and pedestrians. Engineers in the embedded systems industry will affect how the self-driving cars interact with each other, so they need the right tools to get the job done, and Total Phase offers complete tools just for this.

To read the full article on the future of transportation click here. 

Spotlight: Komodo CAN Solo Interface


Great Product, Great Price. Just needed a way to spy on my CAN bus and this worked great!


– Robert H. - Embedded Firmware Engineer

Learn more about the Komodo CAN Solo Interface

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