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2020-05 - Total Phase


Issue 4

Volume 20

In This Issue

How to Add a New Part to the Flash Center Software

Using Multi I/O SPI Master Mode

Advanced Cable Tester v2 Adapter Testing Overview

Featured Video

Programming Flash Memory Using a USB to SPI Programmer

The Cheetah SPI Host Adapter is capable of communicating over SPI at up to 40+ MHz. In this video, see how it is used to quickly program a 4 MB SPI Serial Flash memory chip using the free Flash Center Software.

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How to Create and Add a Custom Flash Part to The Flash Center Software Library

The Flash Center Software allows users to quickly erase, program, and verify EEPROM and Flash memory chips that are interfaced through the Promira Serial PlatformAardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter, and Cheetah SPI Host Adapter.

This software not only natively supports hundreds of commonly used I2C- and SPI-based EEPROM and Flash memory chips, it also allows users to easily add in their own custom Flash device to the part library if is not already available. 


Adding a custom flash memory part is easy and can be done in two easy steps:

1. Create a part file using a similar preexisting XML part file 

2. Upload the new custom XML part file into the software

For complete step-by-step instructions on how these steps can be performed, please visit our App Note:

How to Create and Add a Custom Flash Part to Flash Center Software Library

Control Center Serial Software Series: Using Multi I/O SPI Master Mode

The Control Center Serial Software offers numerous ways to interface and access all features of Total Phase host adapter tools, including reading and writing to I2C and SPI devices.

Multi I/O SPI Master Mode in the Control Center Serial Software allows users to emulate a dual or quad SPI master device. How can this function be configured? Read the full blog below to learn more:

Control Center Serial Software Series: Using Multi I/O SPI Master Mode

Advanced Cable Tester v2 Adapter Testing Overview

While USB Type-C is becoming increasingly adopted by manufacturers and consumers, complete adoption will take time as legacy USB connectors, including USB Standard-A and USB Micro-B, still have a large installed base. During this transition, legacy adapters will provide connectivity between the new Type-C ports and existing peripherals.

The Advanced Cable Tester v2 is able to verify the safety and performance of Type-C legacy adapters, including tests for DC Resistance and Signal Integrity. The purpose of this white paper is to review best practices for testing the suitability and quality of these adapters. Read the full whitepaper here:

Total Phase Advanced Cable Tester v2 Adapter Testing Overview

Spotlight: Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter


Nice programming tool. Easy to use - I have my boards laid out to accept the connector. Been using them for many years now.


– Kevin M.

Learn more about the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter

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