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2019-08 - Total Phase


Issue 6

Volume 19

In This Issue

Advanced Cable Tester v2

Extracting Audio Data from a Data Center Software USB Trace

Create Custom Profile for Advanced Cable Tester v2

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Testing USB, Apple Lightning, and Video Cables with the Advanced Cable Tester v2

The Total Phase Advanced Cable Tester v2 is the first cable testing tool of its kind, allowing cable developers and manufacturers to ensure safety and quality within every cable. With its comprehensive set of tests for pin continuity, DC resistance and resistors, E-Marker, and signal integrity, this cable tester will uncover any errors and discrepancies not aligned with the cable specification and help determine the source of failures directly.

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New Firmware Update: Advanced Cable Tester v2

A new firmware update for the Advanced Cable Tester v2 has been released.

The latest firmware version, Advanced Cable Tester v2.2.0, can be downloaded here.

This new firmware update includes:

  • Improving Lightning Quiescent current and Lightning SMU measurements.
  • Adding a list of licensed features in the Settings page, allowing users to determine if any extra licenses are available for specific types of cables, etc 
  • Adding HDMI profile options to specify HEO/VEO/De-emphasis
  • Including signal integrity de-emphasis in report
  • Allowing HDMI DC Resistance criteria to be adjusted to be more or less strict when used with a custom profile
  • Adding Filter Profiles list by type: System Profiles or User Profiles

The complete release notes for this update can be found here:
Advanced Cable Tester v2 Software Release Notes

COMING SOON: Support for DisplayPort to DisplayPort cables will be available soon! Take a quick read on the differences between HDMI and DisplayPort here.

App Note: Extracting Audio Data from a Data Center Software USB Trace


Did you know you can extract and decode audio data with the help of Total Phase's tools? By using the Beagle USB 480 Protocol AnalyzerData Center Software, and a third party digital audio editor, developers can capture and decode USB audio protocol to measure audio signal quality. 

Our Application Note, "Extracting Audio Data from a Data Center Software USB Trace" provides step by step instructions on how to achieve this.

Read the App Note here: Extracting Audio Data from a Data Center Software USB Trace

App Note: Create Custom Profile for Advanced Cable Tester v2

The Advanced Cable Tester v2 provides comprehensive cable testing against a variety of cable specifications for USB, Apple Lightning, and video, so meeting compliance standards is easy and achievable. However, those looking to test against more or less stringent test requirements can accomplish this by simply creating a custom test profile.

Creating a custom profile can be done in just a few steps! In our Application Note, "How to Create a Custom Profile with the Advanced Cable Tester v2", we've outlined how to do so, and included which criteria within each different test category, including pin continuity, DC resistance, E-Marker, quiescent current, and signal integrity, can be personalized to fit your needs.

Read the App Note here: How to Create a Custom Profile with the Advanced Cable Tester v2

Spotlight: Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer

Easy to use, good software API

There aren't that many bus monitoring products on the market, so I was concerned about the ease of integration into my own software. However, the documentation and example projects proved very useful.


Mike N.

Learn more about the Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer

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