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Newsletter - New Advanced Cable Tester v2 Case Study + New Komodo CAN Duo Interface Video


Issue 6

Volume 22

In This Issue


New Case Study: 
CySecTech/TrueTesting and the Advanced Cable Tester v2


New Video: Komodo CAN Duo Interface Quick Start


Flash Center Software Series: Supported Memory Devices + Adding a New Device

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New Case Study: CySecTech/TrueTesting and the Advanced Cable Tester v2


In our most recent case study, we explore how CySecTech, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping bring trust into the cyber world, used the Advanced Cable Tester v2 to help with their company’s mission. CySecTech is committed to providing the public with much-needed online product reviews that are objective and accurate. Many online reviews today don’t meet these standards, preventing customers from truly understanding which products, including USB and HDMI cables, will work as intended and are safe to use. To help with this mission, CySecTech sought a tool to easily verify all aspects of online-purchased cables and whether or not they meet industry standards and specifications. 
Check out the case study below to see how CySecTech used the Advanced Cable Tester v2 to test cables and provide valuable information about cable specifications to the market: 

 Case Study - Advanced Cable Tester v2 - CySecTech/TrueTesting

New Video: Komodo CAN Duo Interface Quick Start


We recently posted a video showcasing our Komodo CAN Duo Interface. The video shows how to get started using the tool, how to download the appropriate software, and finally, how to use the tool for your own CAN application. Check out the full video in the link below:

 Komodo CAN Duo Interface Quick Start


Flash Center Software Series: Supported Memory Devices + Adding a New Device

In this blog within the Flash Center Software series, we highlight the Flash Center Software’s wide range of supported memory devices. The  Flash Center Software was created to allow users to quickly and easily perform a variety of programming applications, including reading and writing to I2C and SPI EEPROM and Flash memory. Check out this post that discusses the hundreds of supported memory devices from various manufacturers and how to add new devices to the library. Read the full blog here: 

Flash Center Software Series: Supported Memory Devices + Adding a New Device

Product Spotlight: Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer



Completely lived up to my expectations. Just plug it in, install the software, and go. Data Center Software was intuitive and easy to configure, and I was into debugging my I2C issues within 10 minutes of opening the box.




- Brad


Learn more about the Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer


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