The Future of AI and the Embedded System

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has been a hot topic as it is one of the newer, more advanced technologies that is being incorporated into today’s devices and consumer electronics. What’s not commonly known, is that behind the scenes, the embedded system is an essential factor into AI’s success.

How Embedded Systems Support AI

AI is mainly concerned with gathering data to “learn” and make better decisions, while the embedded system is the vessel as to which it controls. Gil Ben-Dov, the CEO of Total Phase, explores the fundamentals of AI, the role embedded systems play, provides real-world use cases, and discusses some helpful tools for developing embedded systems for AI applications. He talks about how big data is used to improve AI analytics, how smart cars use AI to become autonomous, how smart manufacturing & Industry 4.0 are evolving, and how tools for designing and debugging intelligent embedded systems are essential for the success of AI.

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