How Do I Send a Command for the Komodo CAN Duo Interface to Wait for a Reply Message?

Question from the Customer:

I’m using the Komodo CAN Duo Interface with the Komodo GUI Software I have a question about pause commands – is there a way to "wait for CAN reply message" in the batch script mode? I see a "send" command, but no associated "receive" command.

Response from Technical Support:

Thanks for your question! There ar...

A Primer for Embedded Systems Security in 2019

Experts in computer and network security might be surprised to learn that embedded systems have significantly different security requirements than they are used to implementing. Embedded systems that are deployed into the field and expected to function for long periods of time with infrequent service need robust and reliable security featur...

How Do I Synchronize Multiple Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapters to Program SPI Flash Devices on the Production Floor?

Question from the Customer:

I need to simultaneously program six SPI Flash devices on a production floor. I will be using six Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapters as well as six Level Shifter Boards.

How do I synchronize the Aardvark adapters? As this operation will be executed on the production floor, I need the setup to be stable and easy for t...

Getting to Know Thunderbolt 3 and USB Type-C

With devices becoming smaller, more compact, and more powerful, the need for robust cables that can quickly power, transfer data, and perform various functions is becoming a necessity. USB has brought forth a new cable type that is one of the most powerful and versatile cables created to date, known as USB Type-C. The introduction of USB Type...

Total Phase at Embedded World 2019

It’s a Total Phase tradition to exhibit and meet our European customers at the annual Embedded World show in Nuremberg, Germany. The buzz this year is around autonomous driving and IoT – and Total Phase solutions play a big role in both of these areas.

Total Phase at Embedded World 2019

Key Host Adapters and Protocol Analzyers

We showcased our Promira Serial Platform and ...

Can the Advanced Cable Tester v2 Fully Test Prototype Cables?

Question from the Customer:

I am working on a new product that will be supplying a custom USB 3.1 Standard-A Male to USB Micro-B Male cable.  I am looking to test DC resistance of the power lines, continuity, and signal integrity and data transmission quality. I’m looking at your products and I have some questions.


  • Is it possible to in...