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ARM TechCon 2016 - How Total Phase Supports the Future of IoT

A great year for ARM TechCon 2016 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

The CEO of SoftBank, Masayoshi Son, opened up the event with a vision of the future where we will see a TRILLION chips communicating together in the next 20 years! A very rosy picture for the world of IoT.


And Total Phase is meeting this challenge with outstanding debug tools to help bring these IoT products to market faster.

At the expo, engineers making battery powered IoT devices loved our Beagle USB 480 Power Protocol Analyzer, a truly unique tool, where they can see exactly how much voltage and current is being used during USB communication. Making it easy to see what sections of code need to be addressed to optimize power usage.

Other companies moving to the latest USB Type-C interface were impressed with the ease of use of our USB Power Delivery Analyzer. This tool will save hours of debug time as you are able to see the PD negation within seconds of plugging in the Total Phase PDA and starting up Data Center software.

And some ARM TechCon attendees saw how they can utilize our new Advanced Cable Tester to test and diagnose USB Type-C (Standard-A and Micro-B) cables. Most impressive is the Signal Integrity testing this unique tool is capable of performing, at a fraction of the cost of traditional SI test equipment.

This year, there was much interest in our Komodo CAN Interface, as IoT moves into industrial automation, medical, and robotics. Customers were impressed with the demo to see how easy it is to capture CAN traffic, analyze it, save it, and replay it back to the bus on the same Komodo Interface!

And our Promira Serial Platform shined as a truly versatile debug tool able to handle a variety of protocols, including:

  • I2C – Standard, Fast, and High-speed modes (up to 3.4 MHz)
  • SPI – up to 80 MHz with Quad IO
  • eSPI – up to 66 MHz with Quad IO

. . . and more to come.

Total Phase was pleased to see engineers from Semiconductor companies, IoT startups, Automotive, Virtual Reality, students from SJSU, and more, and provide live demonstrations of our effective tools. If you missed us at ARM TechCon, but would like to learn more, please drop us a line, and I’ll be happy to show you how our tools provide intelligent visibility into your bus, and bring your designs to market faster.