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2016-10-31 Staff Writer
Addiction is usually defined as something that begins to control your life and starts interfering with your day-to-day activities, work, and relationships.  While talking about addiction, we may often think of someone who wakes up to a glass of scotch instead of a cup of tea. However, with the proliferation of technology, signs of addiction are now found in the form of staring at cell phone screens as well.
2016-10-26 Annie
As a Level-3 typhoon hit Hong Kong, the room for USB-IF Developer Days was filled with excitement over the newest technology in USB. Total Phase attended the USB-IF Developer Days on 10/19-20 in Hong Kong to showcase our newest Type C solutions - the Advanced Cable Tester and USB Power Delivery Analyzer.
2016-10-24 Staff Writer
A few years ago, a well-known engineering publication conducted a survey and concluded that “engineers aren’t using social networking for work.” That study resonated through the engineering community and through the marketing world as well. It created a lot of confusion among the digital marketing wizards who were trying to woo engineers through the newfangled social media strategies. So, is it true? Are engineers really notorious introverts who sit in their cubicles all day and tinker with code and machines?
2016-10-21 Rena
Essentially, SPI is a widely-accepted protocol defined by its wiring, but has no defined format for sending data messages. You have probably noticed this when researching chips from the multitude of semiconductor manufacturers; there are many variations of SPI.
2016-10-13 Karen
In the opening keynote, Jeff Ravencraft, President of the USB-IF, spoke and estimated that by 2019, over 2 billion devices – that is 40% of the USB market – will support USB Type-C.
2016-10-12 Chris
There is good news for the consumer market. The USB-IF just released the USB Power Delivery Firmware Update Specification! Who is USB-IF and why is this USB Power Delivery Specification important for consumers?
2016-10-10 Staff Writer
Embedded systems came into existence in the 1960s as part of the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC), developed by Charles Stark Draper at the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory. The AGC provided computation and electronic interfaces for guidance, navigation, and control of the spacecraft. The use of embedded systems has increased exponentially over the last 50+ years especially with the introduction of microcontrollers. Embedded systems are everywhere, including where you least expect them.
2016-10-08 Gil
We've all heard about some of the challenges regarding USB Type C implementations, but the upside to this exciting new advanced cable technology is undeniable, the USB power is there.
2016-10-03 Staff Writer
Lost in Translation. It’s not just a movie; it’s a communication shortfall. And it isn’t isolated to communication between individuals or groups that speak different languages.  Actually, it’s a common problem that occurs in the professional world. Things to becoming lost in translation occurs between management, partners, and colleagues, especially when these parties are from different departments and have different backgrounds and training.