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The Top Social Networking Sites for Engineers
Staff Writer

A few years ago, a well-known engineering publication conducted a survey and concluded that “engineers aren’t using social networking for work.” That study resonated through the engineering community and through the marketing world as well. It created a lot of confusion among the digital marketing wizards who were trying to woo engineers through the newfangled social media strategies. So, is it true? Are engineers really notorious introverts who sit in their cubicles all day and tinker with code and machines?

It turns out it’s just a myth, and there’s plenty of evidence to debunk the claim that engineers aren’t using social networking sites. After all, engineers are humans, and their average social media usage is probably the same as a lawyer or a doctor or an Internet marketer. It is also important to know that engineers make networking platforms possible, so it would not make much sense if they did not use social media.

A study conducted by IHS Engineering360 Media Solutions surveyed 1356 engineers and technical professionals and found that 57% of the engineers use social media sites to find product reviews. Another 54% use such platforms to keep up with the latest industry news, trends, and technology. Of course, it’s quite safe to assume that in this day and age, practically everyone is using social media to keep in touch with friends and families, share photos and personal and professional updates.

So, it turns out engineers are indeed using social media as much as a teenager does. Well, that’s probably an overstatement, but the bottom line is engineers do use social media.

There’s a lot of value to be found in social media for technical professionals and as an engineer, you should take advantage of this. These are some of the most popular social media platforms for engineers.

  1. 1. LinkedIn – LinkedIn is by far the most popular social media platform for engineers. 63% of engineers maintain an account on LinkedIn. It allows you to “connect” with your colleagues and other professionals in your industry. LinkedIn is an excellent platform if you want to move up the professional ladder. By creating connections with influential people and potential employers, new opportunities are more likely to arise. Additionally, you will also be able to see the resources that your colleagues are sharing. LinkedIn users can join groups that are dedicated to interest groups - like engineering. Here users can post questions and share advice. In short, it’s an efficient platform that helps engineers stay in touch with their professional world.

  1. 2. Twitter – Twitter, which is another popular social media site, is used by 55% of engineers. The micro-blogging site is an easy and fast way to pick up the latest trends and headlines related to your industry. You can follow the industry leaders and other engineering-related accounts to know the trending topics.

  1. 3. YouTube – This might be a little surprising for many, but YouTube ranks third in terms of popularity with 48% of engineers using this platform. Primarily known as a video-based platform, YouTube contains very informative resources for engineers. For instance, if you are struggling with an Arduino-based board, you can head over to YouTube and check if there are any videos related to your project. Industry experts educate budding engineers by demonstrating how to set-up a particular equipment or troubleshooting a device. It’s a superb social media site for engineers looking to learn new things quickly.

  1. 4. Facebook – Facebook, as expected, continues to be one of the more popular social networking sites for engineers. Now, a lot of engineers might not like the clutter that goes hand-in-hand with Facebook. Posts like “I ate a cupcake” or “feeling excited…” don’t appeal much to technical professionals. However, as an engineer, you can easily filter the unwanted noise. If you do it the right way, Facebook could turn out to be a suitable platform too. In fact, you might just see the USB Power Delivery Analyzer that you were looking for pop up in your Facebook timeline in the form of an advertisement.

Other social networking sites for engineers include Quora and Slideshare, both of which offer great resources for engineers. Quora, in particular, is a brilliant way to get your questions answered by knowledgeable professionals.

The key point you need to know, as an engineer, is that social media isn’t just teenagers and soccer moms. It is a great tool that can help you stay current on recent industry developments, stay connected with industry experts and colleagues and keep your name out there. We aren’t suggesting that you spend vast amounts of time on social media, but don’t neglect it either.


For engineers who work with embedded systems, in addition to social media, you can contact sales for information about what we have as well as the technical updates for our products.

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