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USB Type-C is Gaining Popularity

We've all heard about some of the challenges regarding USB Type C implementations, but the upside to this exciting new advanced cable technology is undeniable, the USB power is there.

This article from the online version of Wired Magazine does a nice job summarizing the differences between the current charging options and explains why Type C is gaining traction. This new form of USB power shows the impact of technology and the Total Phase Advanced Cable Tester - Level 1 is a quick and convenient way to test USB Type-C cables.

Additionally, Apple Insider reported a new MacBook Pro is imminent - no surprise since it's been over 3 years since a refresh of this work horse laptop.  Initially, I saw images that looked like there would be 4 USB Type-C ports, but the link in the article now gives a 404 error (maybe it really was a leak...)

Whether you're a user or manufacturer of the new USB Type C cables or planning on working with legacy C to A, to micro B, or other advanced cable variants, don't forget to read about our all-new USB Type C cable tester.

Total Phase’s Advanced Cable Tester v2 provides comprehensive testing for USB Type-C to Lightning cables. Advanced Cable Tester V2

Want to learn more about advanced cable testers and the impact of technology in the embedded systems space?

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