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USB-IF Developer Days in Hong Kong - Total Phase Introduces Type-C Tools

As a Level-3 typhoon hit Hong Kong, the room for USB-IF Developer Days was filled with excitement over the newest technology in USB. Total Phase attended the USB-IF Developer Days on 10/19-20 in Hong Kong to showcase our newest Type C solutions - the Advanced Cable Tester and USB Power Delivery Analyzer.

 Gil Ben-Dove, CEO of Total Phase

Annie Lu, Technical Sales of Total Phase

Gil Ben-Dove, CEO

Annie Lu, Technical Sales

Our counterparts in Asia showed a lot of interest in our newest Advanced Cable Tester. The Total Phase booth was surrounded by interested attendees watching the new product demo. What made it especially enjoyable were all the questions about testing cables, cable reliability and cable failures. The Advanced Cable Tester provides fast and easy reporting of a cable's continuity, IR drop, signal integrity, and e-marker values. Tests take under 15 seconds to deliver results, and users can easily create different profiles to test against set values and verify the quality their cables. This makes the Advanced Cable Tester perfect for cable manufacturing and quality control. The audience in Asia was delighted to learn about the capability of the Total Phase Advanced Cable Tester; several stated that the tester is exactly what they need for their cable production.

Another device that we demonstrated at the event was our USB Power Delivery Analyzer, a portable tool that captures and decodes Power Delivery traffic on the CC1 and CC2 lines and provides real time voltage/current analysis of the VBUS and VCONN. We connected the Power Delivery Analyzer to the Advanced Cable Tester as a pass-through device between the Advanced Cable Tester and the cable under test, and the Power Delivery Analyzer was able to capture the SOP’ and SOP” packets generated by the Advanced Cable Tester to communicate to the cable under test. With Data Center Software’s real time analysis and filtering feature, the USB Power Delivery Analyzer helps users gain insight into the Power Delivery negotiation of their devices.


Promira cable tester

USB Power Delivery Analyzer

Advanced Cable Tester

USB Power Delivery Analzyer

The typhoon’s strong winds and torrential rain did not stop USB-IF Developer Days attendees – they were eager to learn more, and those who stopped by our booth learned about the new features of USB Type-C technology. We are always happy to demonstrate how our tools improve work speed and efficiency. And we are equally as happy to help people understand the complexities of Type-C technology, especially after so many incidents of Type-C cable recalls from various well-known manufacturers. The Total Phase team will be in Asia for a few more weeks, and we hope to see everyone again at the USB-IF Compliance Workshop in Taipei at the beginning of November!

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