Total Phase Tools and the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston

I was excited to meet our East Coast customers at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston that happened on April 13th and April 14th. We introduced our customers to and updated them on our of I2C, SPI, eSPI, USB, and CAN tools, including our newest USB Type C Power Delivery Analyzer and the eSPI Analysis Application for the Promira Serial Pl...

Do You Have the Total Phase eSPI Analysis Analyzer? Now You Can Use the Data Center Software for Hardware Filters, and Simple and Advanced Triggers!

Our new Data Center Software release gives you more capability when you use the eSPI Analysis Analyzer – the eSPI Analysis Application and the Promira Serial Platform together: Hardware Filters, Simple Triggers and Advanced Triggers.

 eSPI filtering and trigger options with Data Center Software

Figure 1: Data Center Software – eSPI Analysis Analyzer Features

Here’s a summary of t...

This Compilation of Fails by this Electrical Engineer is Sure To Make Your Day

This video makes you wonder: how is this man still alive and furthermore, who exactly gave him that engineering degree?

As it turns out, that degree may have been well-deserved after all. The man in this funny compilation is known as ElectroBoom, whose main motto is essentially “don’t try this at home, kids.” While many of the things ...

How Do I Apply Asynchronous Read and Send Processes with the Komodo CAN Duo Interface to Communicate with Two Separate Electronically Scanning Radar (ESR) Units?

Question from the Customer:

I have a Komodo Duo CAN Interface that I am using to read CAN messages from two ESR (electronically scanning radar) units. I have successfully connected to the Komodo device with a reading process.

 Komodo API Software can be used to simultaneously transmit multi-thread commands

Figure 1: Komodo DUO CAN Interface

I need to use a different process for sending messages to the Komodo...

A Breakdown of the Apple 9.3 Update

Recently, Apple released an upgrade that’s making serious waves for iPhone users: iOS 9.3. The update is now available for download on your Apple device, and it comes with a number super sleek features that are sure to transform your iPhone experience.

If you don’t already have the latest version of iOS 9, you can get it by simply going to s...

Which Total Phase Tool Can Function as an SPI Slave and Receive Data Packages that Are Not 8-bit Words?

Question from the Customer:

I am using the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter in SPI slave mode, using MATLAB to interface with the Aardvark adapter. The SPI master outputs a packet that is longer than 8 bits that we would like to read, but it seems there is a limitation where the data output is capped at 8 bits; in the header file, the SPI slav...