Total Phase Tools and the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston

I was excited to meet our East Coast customers at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston that happened on April 13th and April 14th. We introduced our customers to and updated them on our of I2C, SPI, eSPI, USB, and CAN tools, including our newest USB Type C Power Delivery Analyzer and the eSPI Analysis Application for the Promira Serial Platform. It was great to meet everyone who attended the show, from loyal Total Phase enthusiasts to new customers who just learned about our tools for the first time

Total Phase and the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston

In addition to attending ESC Boston, the Total Phase team also went to visit some of our customers on the East Coast who were interested in learning more about our tools and how we can provide support to their project development. There was a lot of interest surrounding the new eSPI protocol recently developed by Intel, and we were able to show our customers, in person, how they can use our Promira Serial Platform with eSPI Analysis Application to monitor communication on their eSPI system.

eSPI, or Enhanced Serial Peripheral Interface, is a variation of the SPI protocol that Intel designed to  replace the LPC bus. For customers who are working with this new interface, our Promira Serial Platform is a great tool for both master simulation and analysis of eSPI communication. At one of the meetings, we connected two Promira Serial Platforms, one running an eSPI active script to simulate an eSPI master and the other one as the analyzer that captures the simulated eSPI communication. The customer was able to see the eSPI bus data decoded in our Data Center Software including the channels, IO speed, as well as the packet and error types. Furthermore, our hardware filters and advanced triggers allow for more precision in specifying what type of eSPI data will be captured in our software, which is a powerful feature that makes working with the eSPI protocol a lot easier. Our customers were impressed by the simplicity and flexibility of using the Promira Serial Platform to simulate and analyze eSPI traffic.

It’s always a pleasure to show our customers how they can use our tools to gain insight into their projects and see their faces light up when we can provide the solution to their problems. ESC Boston was a great chance for me to meet our East Coast customers in person and demonstrate the Total Phase tools in action. It was also my first time visiting Boston and I got to experience all the festivities surrounding the Boston Marathon!

 Embedded Systems Conference in Boston


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