A Breakdown of the Apple 9.3 Update

Recently, Apple released an upgrade that’s making serious waves for iPhone users: iOS 9.3. The update is now available for download on your Apple device, and it comes with a number super sleek features that are sure to transform your iPhone experience.

If you don’t already have the latest version of iOS 9, you can get it by simply going to setting, general, and then software update. From here, you can download and install the newest software update, and experience all it has to offer. But, what exactly are you getting with this new update? This breakdown will walk you through.

What Is It?

The Apple 9.3 Update is just that – an update. In fact, it’s the latest iOS 9 systems update, making it the fastest, most modern, and most user-friendly version so far. It comes with a number of cool features that make using you iPhone that much more fun and exciting, and the best part of all? The update is free!

So for absolutely no payments, you get the latest update with the newest features, the best fixes, better security, and the nicest enhancements to the iPhone. The update was first confirmed in January, making the wait for the official update release a rather long one. However, the wait is over and the update is finally here. So, what’s new?

What’s New?

Apple iPhone 9.3 features

The Apple 9.3 Update comes with a number of innovations that make one of the most advanced operating systems that much better. From new apps and additions to features that truly care about the user, the iOS 9.3 has a lot to offer. Features include:

  • Night Shift:
    Definitely, one of the most popular new features in iOS 9.3 is Night Shift. It’s apparent that individuals won’t stop using their phones at bedtime anytime soon, which made way for this feature that may actually help you sleep better. Various studies have found that exposure to blue light in the evening can throw off your circadian rhythm, which can make falling asleep difficult. Using your iOS device’s clock and geolocation to determine when its officially sunset in your location, Night Shift automatically changes the colors in your display to warmer colors. Once morning rolls around again, the display reverts to its regular settings.
  • Notes:
    You probably use Notes for all sorts of things: jotting down ideas, funny thoughts, making grocery lists—but you probably also use it for storing personal information. This could include personal data, financial details, medical information, passwords, logins, and even ID numbers. Now you can keep everything safe and secure thanks to the new password and fingerprint feature that keeps private information private. You can also sort your notes by dates and title.
  • News:
    The iOS 9.3 update still brings you news, but it’s even more personalized than ever before. The articles are picked, tailored, and offered to your personal taste using the For You setting. You can also discover new favorites, find trending topics, and explore Editor’s Picks.Also, using your iPhone, you can view everything in landscape, making the images wider, brighter, and clearer.
  •  Health:
    The iOS 9.3 update brings health apps to you. It’s never been easier to find apps that help you track your health, wellness, and wellbeing. Using different categories, you can monitor everything from weight, your workouts, your sleep habits, and your diet all on your Health Dashboard. You can also sync this feature with Apple Watch, so you can see everything in one place.

Apple iWatch 9.3 features

  • CarPlay:
    The newest update adds better features to CarPlay. With New and For You suggestions directly from Apple Music, you have your pick of songs, artists, and even albums that have all been handpicked by experts based on your preferences. You can also find gas, parking, coffee, restaurants, and more using the Nearby feature, so you’ll never be stranded. It’s the ultimate feature for a road trip!
  • iOS Education:
    A special feature for students is iOS in Education. This makes it much easier to share iPads in classrooms that don’t always have enough devices to go around. Students have their own login and are able to pick up where they left off on any iPad. It’s suitable for students of all ages and even allows administrators to check in on students with screen view. Teachers have the ability to lock certain apps to keep students focused and on track.

How Are People Reacting?

Apple Table 9.3 features

There are mixed reactions to the latest Apple update.  Some are singing its praises while others are finding some unpleasant surprises that are dampening the overall excitement of the new features. In short, the new update doesn’t really work well on older devices, making it all but obsolete for Apple users whose devices are a few years old. For users with up-to-date Apple devices, however, the update is welcomed and enjoyed.

Overall, the iOS 9.3 update has some pretty mixed reactions, but there is no doubt that the features are incredibly cool, useful, and helpful. Apple users will have to decide if they want to ultimately upgrade their iPhones and iPads, but for some, the choice will be pretty simple.

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