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This Compilation of Fails by this Electrical Engineer is Sure To Make Your Day
Staff Writer

This video makes you wonder: how is this man still alive and furthermore, who exactly gave him that engineering degree?

As it turns out, that degree may have been well-deserved after all. The man in this funny compilation is known as ElectroBoom, whose main motto is essentially “don’t try this at home, kids.” While many of the things he tries in this video appear to be stupid or foolhardy, he does reassure the general population that he does, in fact, know what he’s doing.

He never actually hurts himself, besides an occasional mild shock, and constantly maintains his own safety. The only difference is that his pain is simulated in his projects while others who try the madness may experience the full, painful blow. His website and other social media profiles indeed prove that he just wants to make engineering more fun to learn about. But first, check out the video!

In fact, this is less a compilation of fails and more of a series of simulation on what NOT to do in electrical engineering. ElectroBoom purposefully re-enacts dangerous situations so that other people don’t have to. He heavily advises people not to do what he does in his videos and instead encourages people to watch the videos in order to teach them what NOT to do.

This loveable engineer is not a failure: rather, he is a hero, enacting the stunts that would make a weaker soul cringe.

His website also contains a host of practical engineering knowledge for the experts, while at the same time he strives to make basic engineering concepts accessible to more people. He wanted to make engineering fun and exciting to watch, and he does so by tying together humor and science, with a dash of silliness and spontaneity.

This man currently has over 600,000 subscribers on Youtube, and his channel is steadily growing in popularity. This is a great thing, as we want people to be educated about the ins and outs of engineering: though we sincerely hope that people take caution from his videos, and not inspiration!