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Total Phase showcases the Beagle™ USB 5000 SuperSpeed Protocol Analyzer and the Komodo™ CAN Duo Interface at the IIC China Conference in Shenzhen, China

Shenzhen, China - March 4, 2010 - Total Phase, a leading provider of industry-leading embedded systems tools, will be previewing two new products at the IIC China Conference & Exhibition in Shenzhen on March 4-5, 2010.

Total Phase will be previewing the Beagle™ USB 5000 SuperSpeed Protocol Analyzer, the world's most affordable USB 3.0 analyzer. At less than $10,000, the Beagle USB 5000 SuperSpeed analyzer is a powerful tool, able to capture and display SuperSpeed USB 3.0 data in real time with the industry-recognized Data Center Software.

Total Phase is also pleased to announce the Komodo™ CAN Duo Interface, a two-channel USB-to-CAN adapter capable of active CAN data transmission and non-intrusive bus monitoring. The competitively priced Komodo CAN Duo Interface is a powerful solution for the automotive, industrial, medical, military industries and more.

Please visit Total Phase at IIC China in Shenzhen on March 4-5 to see demonstrations of these products, as well as our entire suite of field-tested tools for USB, I2C, and SPI.

Helping Developers Deliver USB 3.0 Products

The Beagle USB 5000 SuperSpeed Protocol Analyzer complements Total Phase's existing line of USB analyzers. Developers already familiar with the award-nominated Data Center Software will recognize features including live data display during a capture, real-time class level decoding, and more.

"USB 3.0 presents new challenges for developers," Derek Fung, senior engineer at Total Phase points out, "which makes an affordable protocol analyzer crucial to successful development of new USB 3.0 products. The Beagle SuperSpeed USB analyzer will be a key asset to bringing new products to market on-time and on-budget.

The Beagle USB 5000 SuperSpeed analyzer will be available in Q2/Q3 2010.

Breaking New Ground in CAN

Due in part to customer demand, Total Phase is launching a robust new line of tools for CAN developers. The Komodo CAN Duo Interface is a rugged and reliable industrial solution that features two independently customizable CAN channels, independent galvanic isolation for each channel, bus monitoring with real-time software filtering, and precise timing resolution.

"The Komodo CAN Duo Interface will help engineers save time by providing visibility into any CAN system," adds Etai Bruhis, engineer at Total Phase. "Not only can the Komodo interface send and receive CAN data, it can also act as a high-performance bridge to relay messages directly between two CAN buses."

The Komodo CAN Duo Interface will be competitively priced and available in Q2 2010.

About Total Phase

Total Phase manufactures user-friendly, powerful, and affordable USB, I2C, SPI, and CAN development tools for embedded systems engineers. Total Phase tools combine best-of-breed features such as Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X support, a royalty-free API, free software updates, and free lifetime support.

Please visit us at http://www.totalphase.com.