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2014-09 - Total Phase Newsletter, Issue 7 Volume 14 - Komodo Interface in IoT Demo at IDF SF, CAN Promotion, Survey Results
Total Phase Newsletter, Issue 7 Volume 14 - Komodo Interface in IoT Demo at IDF SF, CAN Promotion, Survey Results

Total Phase Newsletter

Issue 7

Volume 14

Featured Videos

This video provides an overview of the CAN protocol and introduces the Komodo CAN Duo Interface, a two-channel USB-to-CAN adapter and monitor

Watch this short demonstration on how to use the Komodo CAN Duo Interface and the Data Center Software to monitor and analyze CAN data in real time

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Komodo CAN Interface in IoT Demo at IDF
San Francisco

Our very own Komodo CAN Duo Interface was part of an IoT demo in the Total Phase booth at the Intel Developer Forum last week in San Francisco. The demo even made it to a top 10 list (compiled by Ransom Stephens) on the EDN website!

The demo consisted of two Komodo interfaces: one was used to control an activity board, and the second one was integrated into a smart network control module developed by Rick Jahnke, Director of Engineering at Galixsys Networks. The network control module takes the CAN data sniffed by the second Komodo interface and and then translates that data into commands to be sent over wifi to a robot. The demo is a great example of how our devices can be used to retrofit existing systems and connect them to the cloud, other devices or networks, or any other digital entity.

Buy one Komodo interface, get a second one for 50% off!

As mentioned above, the Komodo interface is useful tool for both sending and monitoring CAN data and we want to help you jumpstart your application as smoothly and quickly as possible. For the rest of September, save up to $225 by buying any Komodo interface (Duo or Solo versions) and getting 50% off your second device. Purchase through our website and use the following coupon code in our online store: komodo2014

Beagle USB 5000 Protocol Analyzer – Ultimate Edition

I2C and SPI Survey Results

Thank you to everyone that completed our I2C/SPI survey last June! There were over 100 engineers that responded and it's great to get a better idea of your bus speeds and voltage levels. Take a look at the survey results and see how you compare to your fellow embedded engineers. Don't worry, we didn't forget about the giveaway of our upcoming device. We'll announce a winner as we get closer to the official release.



Interesting Use of the Beagle USB 480

Protocol Analyzer

Use GPIOs and triggers (data or packet type matches) within Data Center to trip a flag
in your debugger and know exactly
where a bug exists in your code.


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