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Support Question of the Week - How can I Automatically Synchronize the Komodo CAN Duo Interface with the Bus and Log the Data?

I need to analyze and simulate a CAN-driven display system used for elevators. The display receives CAN commands and displays the floor number and other information. I don't know the bus details, such as speed and ID. My question - can the Komodo CAN Duo Interface automatically synchronize with the bus and log the data?

Thanks for your question! You can definitely use the Komodo interface to analyze and simulate your CAN system.  For analysis, you would use the Data Center™ Software along with the Komodo interface to monitor you application. Simply start Data Center, connect to your Komodo interface, and click the “Run Capture” button to start looking at your application’s CAN traffic in real-time.  The Komodo interface will automatically detect the bus speed, and you can analyze the data using our real-time search and filtering features.


Using Data Center Software and Komodo CAN Interface to analyze data. Figure 1: Data Center Software View for Data Analysis


For simulating, or sending data on the bus, you can use the the KomodoTM GUI Software.

The bitrate can be set automatically by pressing the "Auto Bitrate Button". When the button is pressed, a dialog window appears that displays the operations in progress. The Komodo interface will then cycle through the bitrates listed below and determine if any match the bitrate used on the connected CAN bus. Once the bitrate detection operation completes, the pass/fail result is displayed in the progress dialog window. The new bitrate will appear in the Bitrate Field of the toolbar. An example of bitrate information is shown below:

Bitrate List:

  •   1000 kHz
  •   500 kHz
  •   250 kHz
  •   125 kHz
  •   100 kHz
  •   50 kHz
  •   25 kHz
  •   29 kHz

For more information about setting bitrates, please refer to section 3.1.1 of the Komdoo GUI Software User Manual.

The Komodo GUI Software can export the transaction log to CSV format. For additional information about exporting data, please refer to section 3.1.5 of the Komodo GUI Software User Manual.


Using Komodo GUI Software for data analysis. Figure 2: Komodo GUI Software View for Data Analysis


The Komodo API Software has two auto detect functions for bitrates: km_can_auto_bitrate and km_can_auto_bitrate_ext. For details about these functions, please refer to section 5.6.2 of the Komodo Interface User Manual.

For more information about the Komodo CAN Duo Interface and other Total Phase products, please refer to the following documents:


Komodo Interface User Manual
Komodo GUI Software User Manual
Data Center Software User Manual
Total Phase Products
Product Selector Guide


We hope this answers your question. If you have other questions about our CAN Interface or other Total Phase products, feel free to email us at sales@totalphase.com or submit a request for technical support.

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