Capture USB 3.0 Data for Longer Using Data Center 5.20

We are pleased to announce the release of Data Center v 5.20! This update includes many new features, primarily packet truncation for USB 3.0.

Packet Truncation is a hardware filter that can be applied to USB 3.0 captures. It enables a greater number of USB transactions by only keeping the first 20, 36, or 68 symbols of each transaction. This greatly increases the number of transactions that can be recorded during a single capture; allowing developers significantly longer capture times. For example, while recording two similar captures of a USB mass storage device, we were able to increase the number of transactions from 12.8 million to 22.1 million by enabling packet truncation and only keeping the first 20 symbols.

To configure packet truncation features, use the device settings window as shown in the picture below.packet-truncation2

Since packet truncation is a hardware filter, the Beagle 5000 analyzer must have firmware update v 1.10 which is available for free on our website as well.

Other notable updates in Data Center v 5.20 include a timestamp option in LiveFilter and Aardvark XML export for I2C and SPI when using the Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer. For a full list of updates for Data Center v 5.20, see the user's manual here

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