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Atmel University Partnership - Total Phase Tools in the Classroom
Atmel University

As a strong supporter of the academic community, Total Phase is proud to be partnering with the Atmel® University Program. Total Phase was founded with a mission to supply embedded engineers with high-quality, affordable tools. Over the past ten years that mission has expanded to include engineering educators and students. We are very excited to build these relationships and we encourage educators and students to contact us directly about their educational needs.

Using Total Phase Embedded Tools for USB, I2C, SPI, and CAN Debugging and Development on Atmel MCUs

The Benefits of Total Phase Tools

One significant challenge in embedded systems development is gaining insightful visualization of serial communication between MCUs and peripherals. Using an oscilloscope to view and decode these transactions can be a time-consuming, tedious process. Total Phase tools give engineers the power to quickly and easily see and interact with USB, I2C, SPI and CAN data.

With Total Phase tools, you can:

  • Debug interactively in real time
  • Evaluate embedded systems quickly
  • Program EEPROM and flash memories
  • Collaborate with colleagues and students easily
  • Maximize productivity

All Total Phase Tools include:

  • Free software and firmware upgrades
  • Royalty-free API
  • Cross-platform support on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X
  • Free lifetime support

Example Applications in a Class Setting:

Hands-on labs and online courses can be developed to instruct students on how to use tools such as host adapters and protocol analyzers in the development of embedded systems. These tools will be used to send, analyze, and filter bus traffic between Atmel MCUs and their peripherals, providing students with real-time visibility into the system at the protocol level. The classes can provide an understanding of how embedded systems tools can shorten the development cycle while maximizing the full potential of Atmel chips.

Some example applications include:

    • Develop and insert bugs in the code that corrupt the USB communication

      1. Utilize the Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyzer to monitor and display the USB traffic in real time
      2. See the USB class-level data decoded in real time
      3. Quickly isolate bugs by using the LiveFilter™ technology of the Data Center Software and Beagle USB 480 analyzer
      4. View USB class enumeration
      5. Show proper USB traffic after successful debugging

  • Modify USB example code to alter device enumeration

    1. Utilize the Beagle USB 480 Protocol Analyzer to monitor and display the USB enumeration in real time
    2. Display the USB class-level data decoded in real time
    3. Modify the USB code to have the device enumerate as a new class or sub-class device
    4. Show how the enumeration and decoded USB class-level data changes after modification

Educational Sales

Please send an email to education@totalphase.com for more information on receiving an educational discount on your order. Be sure to reference the Atmel University Program in your message.

Additional Resources

Exploration of how Total Phase tools can be applied to real-world problems.

Video demonstrations and tutorials of how to use Total Phase tools.

White Papers
Technical articles about Total Phase tools.


Total Phase development kits bundle multiple tools together with various test boards and cables at a discount. The kits are targeted towards specific protocols and applications. Please refer to the product pages below to get details on development kit contents