Project PV 2 Questionnaire



Make the most of your current project and help us deliver tools that best fit your needs. Total Phase invites you to be included in the evaluation of the next generation of applications for the Promira™ Serial Platform. A few select participants will have the opportunity to experience the power of a pre-release version of the newest SPI features for the Promira platform, provide feedback, influence features and receive promotional pricing for future purchases. 


What will be included in the Project PV pre-release device:

  • SPI Master up to 40 MHz
  • 5 Slave Selects
  • Single, Dual, Quad I/O
  • I2C Active Level 1
  • Promira Platform features


Start Questionnaire

 Complete this questionnaire to be considered for the pre-release program.  

About the Promira Serial Platform:

The PromiraTM Serial Platform is our most advanced serial device ever.  This new, powerful platform offers many benefits over our previous generation of host adapters:

  • Integrated level shifting ensures you'll be able to work at a variety of voltages ranging from 0.9 to 5.0 volts without needing any costly accessory boards.
  • High-speed USB connectivity to the host system provides high performance and convenience for benchtop programming, testing, and emulation.
  • Option for Ethernet connectivity is convenient for benchtop work, and also enables remote control for your automation needs.
  • With the ability to provide a total of 200 mA of power, Promira can easily power your project, simplifying connectivity and troubleshooting.
  • New architecture enables you to download applications to the Promira platform - Upgrade your device when you need new features and you'll never wait for that emergency delivery in the middle of your project.

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