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I2C Development Kit


Part Number: TP120112

Availability: Limited Availability

A comprehensive kit that bundles a set of Total Phase's industry-leading I2C tools and accessories.

The I2C Development Kit is a comprehensive and cost-effective kit that bundles together a complete set of Total Phase's industry-leading I2C development tools and popular accessories.

Both beginners and advanced developers will appreciate the convenience and value of the kit for developing and debugging an I2C bus on an embedded system.

With this kit, developers can:

  • Exercise target devices on an I2C bus as a master device.
  • Simulate an I2C master or slave device.
  • Program and verify I2C-based memory devices.
  • Passively monitor an I2C bus in real-time with bit-level timing down to 20 ns.

The I2C Development Kit includes:

Aardark I2C/SPI Host Adapter Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer
Aardvark I2C/SPI
Host Adapter
Beagle I2C/SPI
Protocol Analyzer
10-Pin Split Cable I2C/SPI Activity Board
10-Pin Split Cable I2C/SPI Activity Board

Eligible Software and firmware upgrades are available in the Downloads section of this website.

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Great Tool
Beagle and Aardvark are great and easy to use tools to work with I2C plattforms Integrated with Data Center and Control Center transforms my research and test environement in a very powerful platform.
charles a.
its an awesome device
its an awesome device
Rex N.
Thumbs up.
Thumbs up.
Jose P.
Awesome kit!
The best kit to develop/analyze I2C comunication.
Graham D.
I2C Dev Kit
I am new entry to I2C and SPI development and this kit is an amazing tool that has made the introduction so much easier, not only can you use the kit plus beagle as a training aid it also supports prototyping your solution. One of the best investments I have made in a while and low cost for what it offers.
Ed G.
I2C Dev Kit - Great HW/SW with no documentation
Love the product, works great. Software works well on Mac. Could not find any documentation on setup or use - which software to download, how to hook up, etc. Had to find another engineer in town that uses the product to show me. He had figured out how to use the product without any documentation - said he never found any, either.
Mervin J.
Easy,Afforadable and Reliable
Easy to test, very stable to probe... Nice Development and test device
Mike P.
Best Value by far for evaluating I2C and basic SPI peripherals
I have been designing with I2C and SPI peripherals for 30 years. Hands down, the TotalPhase Beagle I2C/SPI Protocol Analyzer and Ardvark Host Adapter are the easiest to use, fastest to implement, and least expensive (by 3X) tools on the market.
James G.
Very handy tools in the I2C Development Kit
I had put off buying this because I didn't want to spend the money, however, you can get a lot more done with these tools than with a scope, so I think it is worth it. I would like the Ardvark to be able to be Master and Slave at the same time, but since each mode shares internal hardware, it can't. I'm very happy with this equipment.
Jon M.
awesome tool for serial comm debugging
This is an awesome tool. I have found many unexpected errors in code. Wish it could capture a second serial channel simultaneously