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2015-02 - Total Phase Newsletter, Issue 2 Volume 15 - Activity Board as a Translator, Pre-release program, and Top Things to See.
Total Phase Newsletter, Issue 02 Volume 15 - February 2015 - Activity Board as a Translator, Pre-release program, and Top Things to See

Total Phase Newsletter

Issue 02

Volume 15

In this Issue

• Activity Board = Translator

• Pre-release Program - Promira

• Survey of Embedded Developers  

• Top "Things to See" at Embedded World 2015, Nuremberg, Germany

Featured Media

Promira Overview

Watch this video and learn how the Promira Serial Platform can bring your applications one step closer to the Internet of Things.


Download White Paper

"A New Prize in Your Serial Box" by Chris A. Ciufo, Editor-in-Chief, Embedded, Extension Media Read about how advanced, programmable I2C and SPI test and measurement equipment opens a whole new world of flexible options.

Upcoming Events

Embedded World 

Nuremberg, Germany

Feb. 24-26, 2015 


"The Promira is nice, simple to use and makes it easy to get stuff done." 

-Happy Promira Customer

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Did you know the Total Phase CAN/I2C Activity Board Pro can be used as an I2C-to-CAN Translator?

Using the CAN/I2C Activity Board Pro you can easily send CAN commands to any I2C slave and read the response. Read the application brief for step-by-step instructions on using the Aardvark™ I2C Host Adapter, Komodo™ CAN Duo Interface along with Komodo GUI and Control Center Serial Software to demonstrate this capability.   


Download the complete Application Brief as authored by Total Phase's very own Rick Bogart.  



Be a part of the "Project PV2" pre-release program for the Promira Serial Platform


Total Phase is already embarking on the next generation of applications for the Promira™ Serial Platform . In the coming months, we will be running a limited production release program, allowing a few select participants to use a pre-release version of the newest SPI application for the Promira platform. This is your chance to test-drive the newest features of the Promira platform before the next official release, features include:

·         SPI Master up to 40 MHz

·         5 Slave Selects

·         Single, Dual, Quad I/O

·         I2C Active Level 1

Online Questionnaire

If you or any of your colleagues could benefit from the new Promira platform features, please complete our 3-minute online registration. The PV2 Limited Production Release program is scheduled to run from March 2 – April 20; notifications of program acceptance will be sent the first week of March.



2015 Survey of Embedded Developers


Many embedded projects are complex - and Total Phase can help speed up the most complicated of embedded design projects.


Participate in a research study focused on embedded devices. Total Phase has partnered with Embedded Market Forecasters and Wilson Research Group to participate in a research study. This study's survey will help all of us better understand the direction in which the industry is headed.

For example:

·         Approximately what percentage of your embedded projects finish behind schedule?

·         For your current embedded project, what is the total number of source lines of code written--INCLUDING reuse, commercial off-the-shelf, and open source software?

Get results. See how your projects compare to others. Upon close of the survey you will have the option to receive the "2015 Survey of Embedded Developers Summary." This summary will provide in-depth insight into the embedded market; the results will not only be informative and interesting but as extremely valuable as well.

Start Survey

Your participation in the survey entitles you download access to an insightful  white paper entitled "Making IoT Developments Easier to Design and Deploy, Less Costly With Fewer Behind-Schedule Completions."

Total Phase named among "Top Things to See" at Embedded World 2015, Nuremberg, Germany


Embedded Computing Design has named the Promira Serial Platform among the "Top Things to See" at Embedded World 2015.


If you are going to be in the neighborhood, stop by the Total Phase booth 4-434 in Hall 4 to receive a free demonstration and experience the power of the new Promira platform.  


Embedded World

February 24-26

Nuremberg, Germany


Click here to learn more about what Total Phase is offering at Embedded World 2015.  


Contact us for more details at sales@totalphase.com

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