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2015-04 - Total Phase Newsletter, Issue 3 Volume 15 - Analyze & Capture CAN Traffic, NEW I2C & SPI Applications, Best Use Case Contest, Portland & Boston
Total Phase Newsletter, Issue 03 Volume 15 - April 2015 - Analyze & Capture CAN Traffic, NEW I2C & SPI Applications, Best Use Case Contest, Portland & Boston

Total Phase Newsletter

Issue 03

Volume 15

In this Issue

• Advanced I2C & SPI Slave Ops
• Programming SPI Flash
• Best Use Case Contest 
• Come see us - Boston & Portland

Featured Media

Promira Overview

Watch this short demonstration on how to use the Komodo CAN Duo Interface and the Data Center Software to monitor and analyze CAN data in real time.


Download White Paper

Using Total Phase’s traditional development tools, such as protocol analyzers and host adapters you can collect and analyze data from embedded systems for the purpose of debugging and development.

Upcoming Events


USB-IF Portland

Portland, OR

May 4-8, 2015 

ESC Boston

Boston, MA

May 6-7, 2015 


"The Promira is nice, simple to use and makes it easy to get stuff done." 

-Happy Promira Customer

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Advanced I2C and SPI Slave Operations
with The Promira Serial Platform

Need to test the master in your prototype? Want to evaluate peripherals to determine the best choice for your application?  
Our upcoming release of the SPI Active - Level 2 Application for the Promira™ Serial Platform introduces advanced slaving capabilities with multiple Slave Selects. Emulate a slave device - configure responses for up to 8 different commands with a unique 256-byte response (defined via the Control Center Serial GUI or the API).
With the SPI Active - Level 3 Application, you will be able to create unique responses based upon each incoming command (up to 256 different responses at up to 64 MB each); plus slave select and respond at wire speed without delays.
Additionally, these new SPI applications support faster speeds. The Level 2 application will support Single and Dual I/O SPI up to 40 MHz, while the Level 3 application will support Single, Dual and Quad I/O up to 80 MHz. Are you ready to program at blazing speeds?

Contact a sales representative to learn more. 


Programming an SPI Flash Using the Promira
Serial Platform & Flash Center Software. 


Total Phase recently released a new knowledge base article on our website entitled: "Programming an SPI Flash Using the Promira Serial Platform and the Flash Center Software."  This article focuses on how to program SPI flash with Flash Center and a Promira platform. Total Phase’s high performance host adapters maximize programming speeds and allow for data read back, supporting hundreds of I2C and SPI memories.


2015 Best Use Case Contest.
Win a $100 visa Gift Card. 


Let us know how you are using Total Phase products and you could win $100. We are looking for examples on how our customers use Total Phase products with their applications. Do you have a use case that includes new approaches to common challenges, creative uses for Total Phase test and measurement devices, or replicable implementations?
Simply complete the submission form – include your contact information, a description of your workbench/programming/testing environment and how our products helped save you time or money – and you could win $100.
Up to 5 winners will be selected. Submissions will be voted on by a Total Phase internal committee and judged for creativity, innovation, time savings, and cost savings. Entry deadline is May 15.

Going to be in Portland or Boston? Come visit us.


Rick Bogart will be in Portland May 4-8 at the USB-IF Workshop. If you are attending, make sure to set some time aside to see the latest Total Phase is offering in USB. Can’t make it to the workshop or interested in other protocols? Contact Rick directly to schedule a meeting. 

Tabitha Miller will be at ESC Boston May 6-7. She will be demonstrating the entire line of Total Phase products in booth #23. Are you are planning on attending and haven’t yet registered, contact Tabitha to receive a coupon code towards discounted registration fees.


Contact us for more details at sales@totalphase.com

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