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The Type-C Blogging Community is on Fire!

Last year, Total Phase entered the world of USB Type-C with the release of the USB Power Delivery Analyzer (our version of Google’s Chromium USB-PD Sniffer, Twinkie). Last month Total Phase released another Type-C product, the Advanced Cable Tester. And I must say, the Type-C community has been very hospitable and made our experience very welcoming.

The USB community is on fire over the number of bad Type-C cables on the market. The USB community is on fire over the number of bad Type-C cables on the market.

The Type-C community, for now, is very small yet very impactful. Starting with Benson Leung, who through his posts and product reviews influenced Amazon to ban “crappy USB Type-C cables.” Other voices and experiences with this new technology have led product developers and manufacturers to take a good look at the quality of their cables and the impact of bad cables. One of those voices in the crowd is Nathan K. I was fortunate to meet Nathan through an introduction from Benson. Nathan is an “end customer doing independent verification and testing of devices and products.” He, like Benson, does “teardowns, reviews, and testing of USB-C related stuff.”

We talked with Nathan at length about USB Type-C and offered our Advanced Cable Tester for him to use in his research. Well, it didn’t take long for Nathan to get up and running; in the first four days he posted three blogs:

Nov 22 – Summary: An introduction to the Total Phase Advanced Cable Tester and his intentions.

Nov 23 – A comparison of the Nexus 6P OEM cable to the Nexus 5X OEM cable.

Nov 25 – Good cable vs. Bad cable

I am guessing Nathan would have posted on Nov 24 had it not been Thanksgiving.

I encourage you to follow Nathan and Benson to learn more about USB Type-C . . . and the good, the bad and the ugly cables.


What about your cables? Have questions about testing and verifying Type-C performance? You can contact our sales team for information about what we have as well as the technical updates for our products.

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