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2015-04-23 Rena
I am sending 5 bytes of SPI data using  the Cheetah SPI Host Adapter, and Cheetah Python API. It takes  about 210 ms to send this data, how do I reduce the programming time?
2015-04-21 Rena
We have been using the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter to evaluate and test I2C peripherals.  We write data to the slaves, read it back, and then evaluate the data to determine the next operation. We are currently running these write and reads at 800 kHz but would like to go to 1 MHz.  We would also like to utilize transaction queuing so that we can run our tests at faster speeds. Can this be done and what are your recommendations?
2015-04-17 Rena
I am designing a system that uses a 1Gbit SPI-Flash (Spansion S70FL01GS). This is a dual-die part. We have used the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter and Flash Center Software program SPI flash devices and have been happy with the results. How can we handle a dual die part? Does Total Phase have an adapter and a software package that supports the additional slave select (SS) pin?
2015-04-15 Rena
With the Promira Serial Platform and the I2C Active - Level 1 Application, you can easily program I2C memory devices as well as provide signal voltage and power at the desired low voltage level to the target device: the Promira platform has integrated level shifting and does not require a separate Level Shifter Board.
2015-04-10 Rena
We need to develop a Linux kernel driver (.ko) for an Intel-based system and want to be able to read/write I2C messages. Is this possible, and if so, what devices and software do you have that can support this project?
2015-04-08 Rena
The Promira™ Serial Platform with the SPI Active - Level 1 Application is the perfect tool to program SPI memory devices. Together, with the Flash Center Software, makes programming EEPROM and SPI flash devices as easy as  one click, allowing you to erase, program, and verify an entire device.
2015-04-02 Rena
I am interfacing a TI MCU (TM4C129x series) with the Aardvark SPI/I2C Host Adapter configured to slave mode. The MCU is sending 10 bytes consecutively out its SPI port in a single frame forming a single message (slave select signal is asserted for the entire 10 byte frame). The clock rate is 2 MHz.