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Support Question of the Week: Changing the Bit Rate to Connect to Flash Memory to Flash Center

Q: I have been using the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter and Flash Center Software, and I am now trying out the high-speed Cheetah SPI Host Adapter. The Cheetah adapter successfully connected to the Flash Center Software. However, after clicking Operations → Choose target → M25P128 → OK, the Flash Center GUI shows an error message, “unable to verify connection to target”.

I am programming the same NOR Flash Memory, Micron M25P128, with a Cheetah adapter as I did with an Aardvark adapter. What do I need to change when using a Cheetah adapter? I am also using the built-in XML file that Flash Center software provides for the M25P128.

A: Thanks for your question! When you connect an Aardvark host adapter, a high-speed Cheetah host adapter or a memory device to Flash Center, Flash Center Software checks the device. If any of the following conditions occur, Flash Center Software will show the error message, “unable to verify connection to target”.

  • The Device ID in the XML file does not match the Device ID in the memory device.
  • The memory device is not powered.
  • The memory device is not connected.
  • The Flash Center operates at a higher bit rate than the target system can handle.

Since it worked properly with the Aardvark adapter, the odds are this is a speed issue. You should be able to fix the target connection error by editing the XML file to a lower bit rate instead of the Cheetah adapter maximum of 40MHz. In many systems signal integrity issues prevent programming at the maximum speed referenced in the memory data sheet. Changing the bit rate is described in section 3.3, Device Control, of the Flash Center User Manual.

Flash Center Software Device Control Panel Figure 1: Flash Center Software Device Control Panel

The Device Control Panel lists information about the selected target and allows you user to edit the communication bit rate, as well as the target’s slave address.

For more information about using the Flash Center software, please refer to the Flash Center User's Manual.

For more information about the Aardvark I2C SPI and Cheetah SPI Host Adapters, please refer to the following data sheets:

Aardvark data sheet

Cheetah data sheet

We hope that answers your question. If you have other questions about our Total Phase products, feel free to email us at sales@totalphase.com or support@totalphase.com.