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2013-06-24 Rena
Q:  I am using the Komodo CAN Duo Interface and the Komodo GUI Software. What I want to do is loop CAN A to Can B. I connected CAN A+ to CAN B+,  CAN A- to CAN B-, and GND A to GND B. I need to send a CAN message from CAN A to CAN B and run some tests. If you can help me through this step by step, it would be greatly appreciated.
2013-06-17 Rena
Q: I am re-programming 16MB into 16MB flash memory, which needs to be erased before re-programming. My question – does the Flash Center Software automatically do a full chip erase before re-programming a flash memory device, or is there a setting I need to apply? I'm asking because when I used 120KB images on the device, Flash Center warned about padding a sector as the data was a small part of the chip and was not sector-aligned.  I assumed the warning indicated full-chip resets were not done before re-programming the device.
2013-06-09 Rena
Q: I have been using the Aardvark I2C/SPI Host Adapter and Flash Center Software, and I am now trying out the high-speed Cheetah SPI Host Adapter. The Cheetah adapter successfully connected to the Flash Center Software. However, after clicking Operations → Choose target → M25P128 → OK, the Flash Center GUI shows an error message, “unable to verify connection to target”.
2013-06-03 Rena
Q: I am using the Aardvark host adapter to program 32MB SPI Flash. The write throughput is much slower than expected, 800KHz instead of 1KB/s. At this speed, it takes about two hours to program a Flash. How can I accelerate the bit rate?