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Watch uTasker and the Komodo Interface in Action!

In this video, Mark Butcher uses the Komodo CAN Duo Interface to enable uTasker (pronounced micro-tasker) to connect to two separate CAN buses. Mark utilizes both the Komodo's passive and active features to send and receive messages from the Kinetis tower while displaying traffic across the bus.

uTasker is a great example of how customers can leverage our tools in a variety of ways. The Komodo interface acts as a go-between for the Kinetis tower and uTasker to enable additional communication. In order to make sure that the application is working properly, the Komodo interface also monitors and displays traffic on the bus.

For more information about the Komodo CAN Duo Interface, please visit the product page here.

About uTasker

uTasker is an operating system with TCP/IP stack and USB support as well as drivers for various Internet/USB enabled single-chip microcontrollers. With a unique device simulator, uTasker allows for large parts of projects to be developed or tested on the PC before they have been completed. It is an extremely efficient embedded development environment. For more information about uTasker, please visit the official uTasker website.