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New Data Center Software Now Available: Version 4.3 Features Block View, Sequential Mode, and More!

We are excited to announce the release of the new Data Center™ 4.3 Software, the latest version of our protocol analysis software, the industry's only true real-time interactive protocol analysis package for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Version 4.3 of the Data Center Software offers many key new features such as: 64-Bit Support, Time-Ordered View, Block View, and many other new features!

64-bit versions of the Data Center Software for Windows and Linux are now available in addition to 32-bit versions of the software. A 64-bit version for Mac OS X will be available shortly. With the new 64-bit software, users can now work with extremely large captures and are no longer limited to 3GB.

Time-ordered view allows users to see the exact order that USB packets happened on the bus. In previous versions of the Data Center software, certain types of packets, such as IN-NAK pairs and SOFs, were aggregated for simplicity and to reduce the capture size. However in certain situations, the exact sequence of packets may be useful for debugging behavior or performance issues. Users can now choose to capture data in Sequential Mode which will reduce the amount of aggregation to maintain the sequence of packets. This results in a larger capture, but users will have the ability to see the exact sequence of USB packets on the bus.

By popular demand, the new Data Center Software now features Block View. While the Tree View is an excellent and concise way of displaying captured data, many users have requested a block style representation. Our Block View allows developers to see details of data packets and transactions while retaining a hierarchical appearance and is generated in real-time as data is captured on the bus.

Other new features include expanded support for USB class-level decoding of UAS and Audio 2.0 classes, improved Video class decoding, and exporting of record data to binary files.

Please visit our website to find out more and download the new Data Center 4.3 Software!