Attention USB Developers: USB Class-Level Decoding is Now Available

Data Center v3.5 Software

Everyone at Total Phase is excited to announce the addition of real-time USB class-level decoding to our Data Center™ Software.

Class-level decoding is going to be tremendously useful to engineers who are developing and debugging USB devices. The Data Center v3.5 Software can capture and decode the low-level USB data in real-time and translate it into a high-level human-readable format. The new class-level decoding feature includes descriptor parsing, advanced hierarchical transaction grouping, and class-level filters.

The Data Center Software currently supports Human Interface Device (HID), Mass Storage, Hub, and Audio classes. Support for additional classes will be available soon. The software is available right now as a free download for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X from our website.

More information about the upgraded Data Center software and class-level decoding feature is available on our main website.

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