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2009-08-27 kelly
Last week, we had a booth at Texas Instrument's Technology Day event near Atlanta, Georgia. It was a good event and we enjoyed the southern hospitality. If you haven't been to a TI Tech Day, we encourage you to find out when the next one is coming to your area.
2009-08-24 kelly
Are you in the market for a USB analyzer and are not sure which product to buy? Given the range of options available for USB protocol analysis at various price points, here are a few things that we think are important to consider:
2009-08-17 frank
Two weeks ago, Total Phase showed off its LabVIEW drivers and embedded development tools at National Instruments Week in Austin, Texas. Interest was strong and our exhibit received a lot of visitors! With attendees developing applications ranging from machine vision to robotics, NI Week was a great conference. Attendance even proved to be recession-proof, with attendance growing 5% from last year.
2009-08-14 frank
This short video shows how you can use the Cheetah SPI Host Adapter with the Flash Center Software to quickly program an SPI Flash memory chip in less than 25 seconds!  The Flash Center software can support virtually any memory part, gang-program devices in parallel, and easily verify the contents on the memory chip.