A2B Bus Monitor

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The Automotive Audio Bus® (A2B) from Analog Devices Inc.



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The Evolution of In-Vehicle Audio

Today’s drivers don’t only want a sleek car with sporty handling. Drivers want style, better gas mileage and an infotainment center comparable to the best theaters.

Analog Devices, Inc. has developed Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) digital audio bus technology specifically to deliver high fidelity audio in automobiles while significantly reducing the weight of existing cable harnesses (by upwards of 75% in key applications) – resulting in improved vehicle fuel efficiency and audio capabilities.


Working with Analog Devices, Total Phase has developed the A2B Bus Monitor Application for the Promira Serial Platform®. This application functions as an A2B protocol analyzer.

With an A2B Bus Monitor attached and non-intrusively sniffing an A2B bus, A2B super-frames are decoded and disassembled into I2S/TDM audio data and control data for easy debugging. Additionally, full reporting on interrupts and GPIO handshakes are correlated into the data capture.


Systems Debug and Validation

The A2B Bus Monitor Application provides transparency into the inner workings of the A2B system. Commencing with bus initialization, the A2B Bus Monitor will provide you with real-time display and historical display of I2C and/or I2S data and/or interrupt data, easy access to current register values, and the ability to visualize audio levels across all upstream and downstream audio channels simultaneously.

Thanks to its simple yet powerful interface that allows users to quickly inspect and monitor A2B data and node configuration as well as hear I2S sound, users will be able to bring up their A2B bus systems faster than ever before.

A2B Bus Data

Monitor and decode A2B bus data, including GPIO and Interrupt events. Inspect timing between events to validate proper interoperability between subsystems. Powerful advanced, real-time filtering, available details section, and easily identified timing between super-frames make debugging fast and simple.

A2B Node Topology

Debug A2B discovery and initialization problems easily with the A2B Node Topology view. All configuration registers for discovered nodes can be viewed in a simple interface, as well as exported for easy correlation analysis with more specific audio analysis tools.

Monitor Audio Channels

See instantaneous audio levels across all upstream and downstream audio channels simultaneously. Quickly debug audio slot alignment problems, or export your channel filtered sound as a .wav file for deeper analysis using a more specialized audio analyzer.

Everything You Need In Two-Easy Steps


Get the Promira serial platform hardware

State-of-the-art hardware with integrated level shifting, high-speed USB/Ethernet with ability to enable remote control for automation, and 200 mA of power at your service.


Choose the protocol and application

All protocols are software driven and share the same platform. Select the A2B Bus Monitor - Level 1 Application option.



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