USB Power Delivery Analyzer

Fast and easy capture of PD negotiation traffic and power measurements for VBUS, VCONN, CC1 and CC2.

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Gain full insight into power delivery (PD) traffic in real time and see negotiations between Source and Sink. Correlate PD data traffic to VBUS and VCONN current and voltage measurements.

Easy to Use

Fast, simple, and portable. Get up and running in under 5 minutes using our cross-platform Data Center Software with support for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X. This is the most streamlined and complete solution to test and debug your USB Power Delivery sources and sinks.


We worked closely with Google to bring this Chromium project design (code name "Twinkie") to market. The Total Phase USB Power Delivery Analyzer goes beyond the original Twinkie design, offering improved firmware for use with our Data Center Software.


The USB Power Delivery Analyzer is a low price, all in one solution. It includes the award-winning Data Center Software. No additional accessories or software required.

Key Features

Real-time Analysis

  • Sniff Power Delivery (PD) traffic on both control Channel Lines (CC1/CC2)
  • Supports message decoding, including power negotiation, alternate mode negotiation
  • Capture & display PD 3.0 Extended Messages
  • Decode DisplayPort VDMs


  • Pass through of all traffic up to USB 3.2
  • Easy visualization for your power delivery packets
  • Compact capture files are easily shared and viewable with the free Data Center Software
  • Transparent interposing on a USB Type-C connection

Power Measurement

  • Capture and visualize current and voltage measurements on VBUS
  • Capture and visualize current and voltage measurements on VCONN
  • Capture and visualize voltage measurements on CC1 and CC2
  • Correlate power measurements with PD data transactions

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