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Manually updating firmware license on your Advanced Cable Tester v2
Manually updating firmware/license on your Advanced Cable Tester v2


Advanced Cable Tester v2 (ACT v2) supports the Web Management Interface which provides a simple way to configure and update the hardware (See Section 4.3 Of ACT v2 User Manual). However in rare cases it has been observed that if the Advanced Cable Tester v2  becomes unresponsive the Web Management Interface may become inaccessible preventing users from installing firmware update. 

This article presents a workaround to manually boot the Advanced Cable Tester v2 in Firmware Update Mode. Following the process presented in the article the users should be able to the update the firmware to help recover from any malfunctions that may have deemed the hardware unresponsive. 

The entire process can be divided in 2 tasks. The first being how the user can boot the ACT v2 in firmware update/mass storage mode. The second being copying the required Firmware (Or license) PMU file to ACT v2. The following sections describe both these steps individually. 

Booting  ACT v2 in Firmware Update/Mass Storage Mode

  • Connect the ACT v2 tester to the included power adapter and plug it into a power source. Do not Turn on the power as yet. 


  • Connect a USB cable from the ACT v2 USB port to a local computer.


  • Turn ON the power switch to boot the tester.   


  • After 5 seconds (before the LCD screen is activated), turn OFF the power switch. After a short interval (~2 seconds) turn the unit back ON and repeat this cycle 3 times.
  • On the 4th boot the ACT v2 will come up as Mass Storage Device on the  local computer.


Updating Firmware post booting the ACT v2 in Mass Storage mode

  • You should now see the ACT v2 as Removable Disk named as "Total Phase"  



  • Choose the Firmware (Or license) PMU file (Latest firmware PMU is available on Website). 
  • Copy the firmware (Or license) PMU file to this Removable Disk and wait one minute(NOTE: This is important).                                    


  • Then eject the Removable Disk. 


  • Power Cycle the ACT v2 using the power switch to boot the tester.
  • The unit will now update to install the provided Firmware (Or license) and it may take a few minutes.
  • Post complete boot-up the ACT v2 should have the updated firmware/license installed on it.