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Advanced Cable Tester v2 Quick Start Guide
Advanced Cable Tester v2 Quick Start Guide

The Advanced Cable Tester v2 was designed with the factory in mind. Once a valid cable connector module is installed and the user has selected a valid test profile, the tester is configured and ready to test. As soon as a cable is inserted, the tests defined in the test profile will start.

These are the steps to get started:

1 Quick Start - step 1 Connect the ACT v2 tester to the included power adapter and plug it into a power source.

For optimal performance, the tester should be connected to ground using the Ground Lug.
2 Quick Start - step 2 Turn on the power switch to boot the tester.
3 Quick Start - step 2 Connect a USB cable from the ACT v2 USB port to a local computer.

The ACT v2 tester uses the RNDIS driver. Please see Connectivity for more information.
4 Quick Start - step 2 Open a Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browser window.
5 Quick Start - step 2 Enter the USB IP address from the product label on the back of the ACT v2 tester. This will take you to the main web application interface.
6 Quick Start - step 2 Install a cable connector module into the module bay of the ACT v2 tester. Once installed, the module information will be displayed in the web application.
7 Quick Start - step 2 Configure the tester, Click on the Change button to open a dialog window to show the available test profiles.
8 Quick Start - step 2 Select the desired profile (and enter any tag information as required) and click Save.
9 Quick Start - step 2 The tester is now ready to test cables.
10 Quick Start - step 2 Insert a cable into the connector modules. When the cable is detected, the tests will start. A progress bar on the LCD screen and in the web application provide feedback.
11 Quick Start - step 2 Once the tests complete, the cable will either Pass or Fail the test requirements. The appropriate state will be displayed on the LCD screen and the web application.

To re-test the same cable, click the Re-Test button in the web application.

To test another cable, simply replace the cable in the tester. When the new cable insertion is detected, the test sequence will start.

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