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Splitting a Data Center trace
Splitting a Data Center trace


Data Center allows user to split the .tdc trace file into smaller files to optimize memory usage. However, this method to split trace files cannot be used simultaneously with On-the-Fly tracing but only on already saved traces.



The following steps described the method to split a trace:

  • Open trace in Data Center
  • Select the part of trace that is needed using the Quick Filters option in the Data Center using quick filter. There several commonly used filters are accessible though the quick filters menu. For example user can trim down the trace using "Quick filter -> Exclude Indices Before" and "Quick filter -> Exclude Indices After"


  • This should leave the user with only the required trace (excluding the unwanted trace).
  • When saving the trace click on options to Save Only Filtered View to save the trimmed trace.


  • User can make use of either of the following options in quick filters based on their requirements:
    • Exclude Indices Before
    • Exclude Indices After
    • Exclude Before Time
    • Exclude After Time

NOTE: For class-level parsing to work correctly, it is necessary for the Data Center software to capture the enumeration of the USB device. If user splits the trace to remove the enumeration data it will prevent the Data Centers to display class-level decoding.