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My Promira doesn t show up in Promira Utility Control Center Serial Software on macOS
My Promira doesn't show up in Promira Utility/Control Center Serial Software on macOS


The issue is specific to MacOS Sierra (10.12 and later versions) where user does not see the Promira in the list of attached devices when using applications like Promira Utility and Control Center Serial Software

                                           Figure 1: Promira not detected


The reason for this behaviour is that in MacOS Sierra (and later versions) unzipping the application leaves extended attributes in some cases that seem to prevent the correct startup of applications like Promira Utility and Control Center Serial Software.


The following steps remove extended attributes and should fix the behaviour:

  • Open terminal and go to directory where zip file is.
  • Run "xattr -c xxx.zip"
  • Then unzip it normally (by double click.), it should work.

The xattr command can be used to display, modify or remove the extended attributes of one or more files, including directories and symbolic links. The same has been used here.


                                   Figure 2: Example usage for Promira Utility