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Promira eSPI Analyzer Quick Start Guide
Promira eSPI Analyzer Quick Start Guide


Promira™ Serial Platform with eSPI analysis application is used to monitor eSPI data. There are two ways to do this with Promira platform: Data Center or Promira API. This article focuses on how to monitor eSPI packets/events using Promira platform with eSPI Analysis application and Data Center.

Monitoring eSPI Guidelines

    1. Connect Promira platform to the analysis PC using a USB cable.
    2. Follow the instructions in Section 5.2 - Connectivity of the Promira platform system user manual to configure the Ethernet over USB interface.
    3. Download and unzip the latest version of Data Center. (?)
    4. Connect Promira to the target eSPI system bus (that is to be monitored) using the 34-pin connector. (?)
    5. Launch Data Center. (?)
    6. Connect Data Center to Promira. (?)
      1. Click Analyzer, and choose Connect to Analyzer.
      2. Select Promira.
      3. Click OK to connect to Promira.
    7. Configure Data Center (?)
      1. Click Analyzer ➝ Device Settings ➝ eSPI.
      2. Configure Capture Protocol to eSPI. Click OK
      3. Click Analyzer → Run Capture.
    8. An orange LED on Promira device will start blinking. Promira is now waiting to capture eSPI packets/events.


For additional information, take a look at the Promira Serial Platform System User Manual, Promira Serial Platform eSPI Analyzer User Manual and Data Center Software User Manual.