Sending CAN Messages From Komodo Duo Interface Channel and Monitoring It With The Other Channel Using Komodo GUI and Data Center


This article focuses on how to send CAN data from Komodo Due interface channel A and monitor it in channel B of the same Komodo interface. In this example, one computer is used, since the Komodo interface has one USB interface for connecting to the computer.


In this article Komodo channel A is connected to Komodo channel B. Komodo channel A sends 11 22 33 44 55 and Komodo channel B monitors it.

CAN Data Transfer Guidelines

    1. Download and run the latest version of the Total Phase USB Drivers Installer.
    2. Download and unzip the latest version of Komodo GUI on PC. (?)
    3. Download and unzip the latest version of Data Center on PC. (?)
    4. Connect Komodo to PC via the USB connector.
    5. Connect the Komodo DB-9 connector channel A to Komodo DB-9 connector channel B. (?)
    6. Connect 1K OHM resistor between CAN+ and CAN- in Komodo channel A block screw terminal.
    7. Launch Komodo GUI on PC. (?)
    8. Launch Data Center on PC. (?)
    9. Connect Komodo port 0 to Komodo GUI. (?)
      1. Click Analyzer.
      2. Click Connect.
      3. Select the Komodo port 0.
      4. Click OK to connect to the Komodo interface.
    10. Connect Komodo port 1 to Data Center. (?)
      1. Click Analyzer.
      2. Click Connect to Analyzer.
      3. Select the Komodo port 1.
      4. Click OK to connect to the Komodo interface.
    11. Configure Komodo GUI (?)
      1. Click Mode ➝ General CAN.
      2. Enable Active CAN Mode. Configure to Bitrate: 125 Khz, CAN ID: 0x123, DLC: 5, Message: 11 22 33 44 55, Ch A.
      3. Click Analyzer ➝ Run.
    12. Configure Data Center (?)
      1. Click Analyzer ➝ Device Settings ➝ CAN.
      2. Disable include packets from this device. Disable Monitor Bus A.
      3. Enable Monitor Bus B, Make Active Node, and Configure Bus B Settings.
      4. Disable Target Power. Configure to Bitrate: 125000. Disable Enable GPIO Configuration.
      5. Click Analyzer → Run Capture.
    13. On Komodo GUI click Send Message. (?)
    14. Verify that that Komodo channel A sends the data correctly, and that Komodo channel B monitors the data correctly.


Figure 1: Komodo CAN Transfer - Komodo GUI



Figure 2: Komodo CAN Transfer - Data Center



For additional information, take a look at the Komodo interface user manual, Komodo GUI user manual and Data Center user manual