Beagle USB 12 Protocol Analyzer Quick Start Guide


These getting started guidelines are intended to facilitate the first use of the Beagle USB 12 analyzer. The Beagle USB 12 analyzer can be used with Data Center or Beagle API to monitor Full/Low speed (12 Mbps/1.5 Mbps) USB devices. Use the Beagle USB 12 analyzer with Data Center, and follow the instructions below to monitor a Full/Low speed USB device.

All current downloads for the Beagle USB 12 analyzer can be found on the product page.

Getting Started Guidelines

  1. Download and run the latest version of the Total Phase USB Drivers Installer. {USB Drivers - Linux} {USB Drivers - Windows}
  2. Connect the Beagle analyzer analysis port to the computer. (?)
  3. Download and unzip the latest version of Data Center softwar; select Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X. (?)
  4. Launch Data Center. (?)
  5. Connect to the Beagle Analyzer. (?)
    1. Click Analyzer > Connect to Analyzer.
    2. Select the Beagle analyzer.
    3. Click OK to connect to the Beagle analyzer.
  6. Configure the Device Settings for Full/Low speed USB. (?)
    1. Click Analyzer > Device Settings.
    2. Choose USB in the Capture Protocol option.
    3. Click OK to close the Device Settings.
  7. Start the capture. (?)
    1. Click Analyzer > Run Capture.
    2. The Capture Started record will be displayed in the Transaction window along with the data captured from the bus, if there was any.
  8. Connect the Beagle analyzer's target host and device ports to the target host and target device. (?)
    1. Valid configurations are shown in the Beagle user manual.
  9. Stop the capture. (?)
    1. Click Analyzer > Stop Capture.
  10. Save or export the capture.
    1. Click File > Save to save the capture as a TDC file. (?)
    2. Click File > Export to export the capture as a CSV file. (?)


For additional information, take a look at the Beagle analyzer user manual, and Data Center manual.