These getting started guidelines are intended to facilitate the first use of the A2B Bus Monitor.

The A2B Bus Monitor Application is an application for the Promira Serial Platform® that provides the ability to passively monitor a system using Analog Devices' Automotive Audio Bus (A2B). The A2B Bus Monitor application is a self-contained application and can be accessed with most modern web browsers.

Getting Started Guidelines

The simplest way to interface with the A2B Bus Monitor Application is via the USB connection, which is described here:

  1. 1) Connect the A2B Adapter Board to the Promira platform, using the 40mm 34-pin connector and the provided cable as shown below.

    A2B Bus Monitor Hardware

  2. Connect the Promira platform to your PC using a USB Standard-A to Micro-B cable.
  3. Follow the instructions in Section 5.2 – Connectivity of the Promira platform system user manual to configure Ethernet over USB interface.
  4. Download and unzip the latest version of Promira Utility for your OS. (?)
  5. Start the Promira Utility and use it to connect to your Promira by clicking the Promira button in the upper-left corner of the utility window.
    1. Click the Promira Promira button.
    2. Find your Promira device in the list.

      list of Promira devices

      If it doesn't appear yet, wait a little while for it to finish booting and enumerating, then click the Refresh button to refresh the list.

    3. Select the Promira device which was found, and click OK.
  6. In order to start the A2B Bus Monitor application on the Promira platform you must enable it as the "Auto Start App:" by clicking on the pulldown.
    1. Choose "com.totalphase.promana_a2b" in the list, and click Apply.
    2. Note the IP address shown in the window. This is the address of the device that you will need below in the process.
      IP address of device
    3. Power-cycle the Promira by unplugging the USB cable, and plugging it back in.
    4. Wait for the Promira platform's right LED to go from RED to BLUE and finally to GREEN.
  7. Open a web browser, and navigate to the IP address: http://[PROMIRA_IP_ADDRESS]/
  8. Login using the default credentials, Username: admin and Password: promira.
  9. Connect to the A2B bus of interest. It is recommended that the A2B should be monitored between the master node and the first slave node. Please refer to figures 6 and 7.
  10. Click the Start Capture button to start the A2B capture.
  11. Start the A2B system of interest. Note: the A2B Bus Monitor capture must be started before Discovery happens on the A2B bus under analysis.
  12. Watch the A2B traffic and listen to audio data as it is captured on the bus.


For additional information, take a look at the A2B Bus Monitor User Manual.