Promira Firmware Update/Utility

Promira Firmware Update/Utility

Part Number: TP207710

Distribution: Download

The Promira Serial Platform is designed so that its internal firmware (FW) can be upgraded by the user, thereby allowing the inclusion of any performance enhancements or critical fixes available after the receipt of the device.

The Promira Firmware Update Utility (specific to your OS) offers a one-step guided process that will help you update your Firmware.   

The Promira Firmware Update 2017-02-27 is necessary only for customers using the Advanced Cable Tester Application(s). If you are using any other application you may continue to use Promira Firmware Update 2016-06-24.

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Download Software Here
Promira Utility v1.35 (Windows)
Promira Utility v1.35 (Linux)
Promira Utility v1.35 (Mac OS)
Promira Firmware Update 2017-02-27